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Hamilton ODC X-02

by Watchismo in Tech on 08 April 2009


Hamilton's latest ODC X watch continues to draw on the 1966 Kubrick-commissioned original, a limited-edition watch featured in "2001: A Space Odyssey" and so eye-catching that both Vogue and Esquire featured it. In 2006, Hamilton decided to rework the ODC-X and came out with another limited-edition timepiece, "X-01." After tremendous positive response to the sequel, Hamilton started brainstorming for the next concept.

The new ODC X-02 supports three different time zones and features telescopic dials connected to each time chamber. With its aerodynamic shape, the watch has a futuristic look that will appeal to those who appreciate superior design and who aren't afraid to make a statement. Available in titanium or black PVD coating with a puzzle like clasp, there are only 1,000 available and are already in high demand. For more information, visit Watchismo.

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