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Pencil Gold
The Pencil stylus is a masterpiece in engineering and design, allowing users to draw, erase, blend and more for an intuitive drawing experience on touchscreen devices. Its newest rendition for 2015 is an eye-catching gold version that pairs beautifully...
Cool Hunting Video: Penguin Enrichment
During a recent visit to Los Angeles, we stopped by the Aquarium of the Pacific after hearing about their interesting use of technology in the enrichment program for their Magellanic penguins. Experimenting with many objects to engage the naturally...
Tablet Notebook Case
Classic meets modern with Travelteq’s tablet case, which houses your 7” tablet, Moleskine notebook, and business cards in vegetable-tanned Florentine Vacchetta leather. The Dutch design company promises quality, with each case handmade in Italy.
VSCO Cam 4.0 for iOS8
With a consistently growing user base, easy to use functionality and a hashtag that's everywhere, VSCO has been the photo editing app of choice for a while now. But with their latest update, launched today, new features take the brand in a broader...
Osmo by Tangible Play
During the annual Toy Fair in NYC in February, between the Grumpy Cat plush dolls and temporary tattoos that sing and dance, we discovered a gem: an educational toy that makes use of the iPad in an unconventional way. Instead of being an app that...
Britt Bass Turner iPad and iPhone Cases
While not usually fans of loud or flashy cases for our mobile devices, we were impressed by the vibrant, playful appeal of Athens, GA-based artist Britt Bass Turner's iPad and iPhone accessories. All bright colors and thick brushstrokes, the abstract...
Studio Visit: Wood'd
by Heather Stewart Feldman Italian company Wood’d makes tech accessories and other objects from wood and leather, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics and processes with artisan woodworking skills and techniques. Determined to contribute to the...
Stipla Magazine
Instead of trying to configure print or website content to fit onto iPad screen, a team in London decided to take advantage of the tablet's capabilities and employ it as a unique medium for sharing stories. Stipla is a new iPad magazine that combines...
When hardware and software work in harmony, it's a beautiful thing. And when such a pairing effectively mimics the analog world, it's thoroughly enchanting. Such is the case with Pencil and the forthcoming update to Paper—both just announced by FiftyThree...
Makr App
Brooklyn-based creator Ellen Johnston was among the many rising stars at Cool Hunting's Pitch Night last month, and her digital concept shone just as bright as the many physical objects we admired. With iPad in hand, Johnston shared her app-in-the...
Coburns by Fine Grain
Together, Levi Price and Eric Rea make up Fine Grain, a new design duo that formed in 2012 for their first product, the Bowden iPad case. It combines aircraft-grade aluminum, hardwood and leather to protect your iPad thoroughly without making sacrifices...
Five iPad Air Cases
Today the iPad Air hit shelves, and many sleep deprived loyalists will head home happy with a lighter pocket book and a hardly heavy bag in hand. The new, impossibly lightweight tablet is as appealing as ever, and you probably want to keep it that...
Intuos Creative Stylus by Wacom
In an effort to bring designers and illustrators even closer to the tech design interface, Wacom has introduced a new, professional-grade stylus to make the on-the-go connection all the more natural. Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus connects via Bluetooth...
Shadow App
Apparently 95% of dreams are forgotten—if they're not recorded—just after waking up. That means one-third of our lives is lost within the subconscious. With SHADOW, co-founders Hunter Lee Soik and Jason Carvalho are attempting to do more than reclaim...
Coast by Opera
Advertorial content: Tablets aren't smaller versions of a laptop or a computer—they're designed to be held and used in a completely different manner. So it makes no sense that most mobile version of apps tend to mimic their larger desktop counterparts...
Torque Audio Z Series Headphones
In a very crowded, celebrity-saturated area of the music accessory market, Torque Audio is carving out a place in the grounds of in-ear audio innovation. Their Zoom Series t103z earbuds come equipped with the usual high-end standards—a remote...
Interaction of Color App
In 1963, Yale University Press published a book that would change the way people approached color. Now, in partnership with The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and developed by award-winning design and technology firm Potion, Josef Albers' "Interaction...
MAXHASH, the first app from design and developer studio HYPERHYPER, is the newest way to browse the internet. The app conglomerates hashtags from popular social media networks (so far just Instagram and Tumblr) to bring those tagged images onto a...
Cork Laptop Sleeve
Lightweight, durable and easily recyclable, cork goes well beyond simply stopping up bottles of wine to also serve as an eco-friendly way to protect electronic devices. Barcelona- and London-based Tapegear—known for their innovative use of alternative...
Cool Hunting on the iPad
As one of the first all digital publications to offer an iPad app, we tailored ours to be the best interface for Cool Hunting stories and videos—all presented for free, as always, thanks to the support of our advertisers. We're especially grateful...
Hex Cross Body for Apple Newton
In 1993 Apple changed the way we interact with technology on the go with the introduction of the original tablet device, the Newton. The personal digital assistant put the power of the era's most impressive technologies—writing notes, drawing...
GIFs are fun, shareable, and now they're the ultimate party trick. Our friends at software company HYPERHYPER originally created PHHHOTO—a social photo booth that creates looped-motion images—to record a blowout event they were throwing...
Belkin ThunderStorm
The iPad's rear-facing speakers have become a common gripe for users looking to match audio with the tablet's quality display. While some of the more low-tech solutions can help, few truly improve your experience like Belkin's new ThunderStorm. Billed...
CH Gift Guide: iPhone and iPad
Now available on the iPhone and iPad, our gift guide is full of ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list. You can browse by category and/or price to help cull through the nearly 1,000 items we feature. To help stay organized you can save...
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