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Wei Li's Encased Leather Luggage
While exemplary luggage brands abound, we've never quite seen anything like artist Wei Li's most recent collection, dubbed "Encased." Li evokes physical attributes, by way of body, balance and tension—from actual human models. 3D renderings lead...
Rolling into the Future on Onewheel
Now that 2015—the year that "Back to the Future" predicted hoverboards would hit the streets—is upon us, Future Motion Inc. has brought the dream of the space-age mode of transportation a little closer with Onewheel. A self-balancing electric board...
Keys To Go Portable Keyboard
Regardless of how fast any phone or tablet user can type on a touchscreen, there's nothing like a full keyboard. This slender, portable set—available in a variety of colors—wirelessly pairs with anything iOS. But its added features, from a soft-to...
Fuffr's Smartphone Case
Two days after the intimate gathering to show its forthcoming Kickstarter film, the Fuffr studio in Stockholm is still full of empty beer cases and helium balloons slowly slinking down the windows. Yet, while many might be fretting at the thought...
Glimpse Dating App Update
This past winter, iPhone dating app Glimpse launched as a way for curious creatives to see and meet like-minded individuals by way of Instagram. With the original platform, users browsed a selection of Instagram images and selected in a "yes or...
Edit Images, Videos and Gifs with Kanvas App
Though the current state of social media offers an app for nearly everyone, there's always room for more to play in the space—so long as they're willing to play nice with others across all key platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr...
Intel Pocket Avatars Make You a Cartoon
Intel Pocket Avatars is a new app just released on iOS and Android that might be more cutesy than our usual interest, but the technology behind it is very impressive. In short, the app lets you record messages in real time to a cartoon avatar that...
Access a Lifetime of Photos Anywhere with LyveHome
Since the recent advent of streaming music services, these days most smartphone storage is consumed solely by photos and videos—and the more you take, the more GBs you need. LyveHome—an absolute standout at CES 2014—is changing that with its photo...
We fly far and often, and because of this we've become quite particular in our ways, spending a lot of time sorting out which airlines, planes, routes, seats and amenities are going to provide the best case scenario for painless travel. Promising...
Food Tripping
A classic road trip may seem like the perfect opportunity to wrap your hands around a Big Mac or Gordita Supreme, but undoubtedly by the time you reach the next exit you're wishing you'd opted for something with a little more sustenance. To help...
Google Field Trip for iOS
Now available on iOS, Google's companion for the urban explorer surfaces content from your immediate environs. As a discovery tool for cool locales—something we at CH have a vested interest in—Field Trip is a pioneering program that...
Node Chroma
The buzz surrounding the release of Node and Lapka this year—two sensor systems that link with iOS—proves that multi-purpose sensors are finally ready for the open market. Thermometers, accelerometers and pedometers are just a few of...
The New Swivl
After a successful run at crowdsourcing in late 2010, the Swivl was brought to market completely funded through Kickstarter. While the iPhone dock was met with much praise, the question of compatibility has driven the product's designers to develop...
CH Gift Guide: iPhone and iPad
Now available on the iPhone and iPad, our gift guide is full of ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list. You can browse by category and/or price to help cull through the nearly 1,000 items we feature. To help stay organized you can save...
Cool Hunting Gift Guide 2012
Not even the biggest Scrooge can deny a little holiday cheer upon perusing this year's update to the Cool Hunting Gift Guide, and 2012 brings with it a new bounty of items sure to top your wish list this season. We've scoured the globe online and...
Wine Simplified
From Open Air Publishing—the group behind the swine-focused "Better Bacon Book"—comes "Wine Simplified," an iOS-based user's guide to wine. The multimedia book includes 13 chapters with information from reading labels to the role of...
Partly Cloudy
From the creative minds at Raureif comes Partly Cloudy, a new weather app designed for those who have a penchant for both design and numbers. While many recent apps in the weather genre tend to favor minimal design over crowded dew point variables...
Entering the US today, Garage is an iOS app aimed at people looking to unload their goods on the Internet marketplace. The remarkably simple interface lets vendors post photos of their stuff, add captions and choose shipping options in record time...
From Josh Guyot—Motrr co-founder and designer of Snow Peak's SnowMiner headlamp—comes Galileo, a 360° degree panning and tilting mechanism for iOS devices. With multiple potential applications, Galileo-mounted devices can be controlled...