The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100
In 1915, the Coca-Cola Company distributed a brief to bottle makers across the US. The request was to craft a bottle so distinct that it could be recognized by hand in the dark—that its essence would remain visible even when shattered. Root Glass Company...
Asiyami Gold's A.Au Collection
by Chérmelle Edwards Spending much of her childhood in Nigeria and then moving to Atlanta, Georgia, designer Asiyami "Gold" Wekulom injects traditions from both cultures into her work. For her label Asiyami Gold, she blends aesthetics from Nigerian...
Holeman & Finch
Buckhead, one of Atlanta’s ritzier suburbs, has become flooded with bars in the last decade as nightlife has begun to boom in this part of the metropolis. Among the pubs that have popped up, Holeman & Finch has gained notoriety for the meticulously...
Iberian Pig
Downtown Decatur has been popping up with delicious eateries, but at the true heart of it—located in a warmly lit restaurant bursting with exotic aromas and rustic decor—lies the Iberian Pig. Those unfamiliar with tapas may find the Iberian Pig's extensive...
Among the many truck parks that have come to grace Atlanta, W.O.W. has established itself as one of the premier vendors of delicious fresh food served up quickly. If you’re looking for southwest-style arepas or a hearty bowl filled with meat, cheese...
R. Thomas Deluxe Grill
Located at the heart of Peachtree Street in the Brookwood neighborhood, R. Thomas Deluxe Grill has a fun and familiar flair—in both its food and decor—that keeps diners returning for more. Though originally established as a late-night burger joint...
Yall & Us
Our friends from Brooklyn creative studio Wintercheck Factory recently hit Atlanta's Yall & Us fair—a design exhibit put on by multi-disciplinary firm People of Resources as part of Modern Atlanta's design week. Combining southern hospitality...
The Allure of the Automobile
Atlanta's High Museum of Art explores the bespoke car as a work of art in the exhibit "The Allure of the Automobile" that opened this past weekend. Known for its strong decorative arts content, the museum celebrates the one-of-a-kind European and American...
To a T
Celebrating the humblest of fashion statements, Atlanta's Design Museum will launch an exhibit devoted to t-shirts next Thursday, 19 October 2006. Including several lines you may have previously seen in these pages (co-curator Laura Moody says...