Casa Cavia, Buenos Aires
by Caroline Kinneberg Lupe García—the creative director of recently opened Casa Cavia in Buenos Aires—is following in her parents' footsteps. Her father opened La Panaderia de Pablo restaurant, while her mother founded Ampersand—a publishing house...
The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings
Following his enthralling 2014 TED Talk, Marc Kushner of Architizer has crafted the latest addition to the TED Books library. To explore how media influences architecture around the world Kushner focuses on 100 high-concept structures, ranging from...
Exploring Design in Thailand and Tokyo
With a long list of recommendations and high hopes, we recently left NYC behind for a week exploring Thailand and Tokyo by way of All Nippon Airways (ANA). Though the trip from New York's JFK airport was lengthy, ANA's business class kept us well...
As anyone in NYC can attest, new construction in the city has tended toward the unimaginative, with boxy glass and steel condos popping up where elegant, conscious architecture once existed. Danish architect Bjarke Ingels of the eponymous Bjarke...
Word of Mouth: Palm Springs with Gerry McGovern
By Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's Design Director and Chief Creative Officer, first visited Palm Springs 20 years ago and immediately fell in love with the modernist oasis in the Southern California desert. Last week, as...
Lyon's New Musée Des Confluences
Where the Rhône and Saône rivers meet in Lyon is the location of the historic French city's urban development project, which has been transforming the former industrial wasteland into spaces for residences, offices, shopping and leisure since the...
Tom Blachford's New Midnight Modern Photos
Debuting during Palm Springs Modernism Week 2015 (a 10-day cultural event celebrating mid-century modern design, architecture, fashion and culture), photography exhibition "Midnight Modern" captures the sublime essence of lunar illumination. Melbourne...
Brutal London by Zupagrafika
Paper models of buildings and animals are some of the most simple and classic children’s toys. But turning something 2D into a 3D sculpture never gets boring—and when you combine the DIY factor with interesting designs, you have the recipe for Brutal...
Scott & Scott Architects Design Kin Kao Restaurant, Vancouver
Nothing suits a homestyle menu more than serving it in a space that feels intimate, familiar and approachable. That is exactly what Bangkok-born chef Tang Phoonchai was hoping for while planning his new Vancouver restaurant Kin Kao, where he will...
McKean Studio Mini Cities
Joshua and Megan McKean of the eponymous McKean Studio are serious road warriors with a knack for finding hidden gems in every city they visit. With a blog full of impressive photos and stories documenting their travels, it's undeniable that the...
Interview: David Chipperfield
Sir David Chipperfield is decidedly one of the most globally recognized personalities in architecture and design. His award-winning work has been recognized many times over for its simplicity and clarity of vision, and recently, he was appointed...
OKOLO Concept Car Illustrations
As every World's Fair has shown, the future has always been on the cusp of space age in the minds of architects and designers. Prague's OKOLO art collective recently went back to the future, revisiting some visionary concept designs from decades...
Hélène Binet Captures a Hidden Architectural Gem in Cyprus
The modernist work of the late Cypriot architect Neoptolemos Michaelides fuses Brutalism, ancient architecture and the leisure of Mediterranean living. Michaelides studied under great architects like Gio Ponti and Bruno Zevi in the 1940s, but his...
Best of CH 2014: Instagram
As we traveled around the world this year, our team of writers and editors snapped images of the many inspiring, creative places and moments that caught our collective eye, and posted it all to Instagram. As part of our 2014 year in review, we looked...
Havana Modern
The unlikely byproduct of Cuba's trade embargo with the US is a previously undocumented preservation of lavish midcentury architecture and design in Havana. In "Havana Modern" Michael Connors takes the reader through a visual tour of private homes...
Carlo Scarpa's Casa Tabarelli, Rediscovered
From the peak of the Alps to the very tip of its boot, Italy is a country as rich in history as it is diverse in terrain. And though this is what makes the country so astonishing, it can also end up obscuring some of its most incredible cultural...
Skyline Gift Wrap
Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can construct quite the architectural empire with the help of SUCK UK's Skyline wrapping paper. Gift boxes become apartment buildings, storefronts and skyscrapers of varying heights, and your bounty a miniature city...
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