Interview: Kyleigh Kühn of Roots of Peace
At the age of 13, in a remote Croatian minefield, Bay Area-native Kyleigh Kühn's life changed forever. Visiting the war-torn region left an indelible mark on Kühn, inspiring her to join in Roots of Peace, an international non-profit organization...
An ethereal landscape inspired by "the mythical garden of Babylon", Babylonstoren is located in Franschhoek, just 40 miles outside of Cape Town, north of the famous Stellenbosch vineyards. The 500-acre farm's diverse vegetation includes more than 300...
Victory Gardens
Notions and perceptions revolving around food have changed drastically in recent years. As organic options become the norm for many, the origin and social and environmental impact of food continues to become a greater concern—with many consumers...
Boone Hall
Lying north-east of the Charleston peninsula, within the burgeoning suburb of Mt Pleasant, is Boone Hall—a sprawling plantation that is still active to this day. Producing crops for over three centuries, Boone Hall is a quintessential Charleston experience...
Eastern Market
On Saturday mornings (and Tuesdays, in the summer-fall seasons), the historic Eastern Market makes downtown Detroit come alive with a vibrant bustle of farmers and home cooks who shop to the soundtrack of live music from local street artists under...
Interview: Ann Marie Gardner of Modern Farmer
Pointing to the movement in recent years to connect with our food sources as we become increasingly aware of our impact on the planet, Modern Farmer—a daily website, print quarterly, event series and online store launched today, 4 April—goes wide...
Urban Farming Resources
Nearly 12,000 years ago the Neolithic Revolution altered the course of our survival from hunting and gathering to established agriculture. As the world's population concentrates into cities and realization dawns that our resources are limited, we're...
Urban Farming
More than half the world's population now lives in cities, but when it comes to feeding them, trucking in the necessary amount of food isn't a sustainable process for any metropolis. Growing out of the need for better solutions, urban farming is becoming...
Located about 40 miles outside Cape Town in the renowned wine region of Franschhoek, the lush 500-acre Babylonstoren feels more like a utopia than a farm. Originally cultivated by French Huguenot refugees in the late 1600s, today the former estate...