Joy Division Zune Giveaway
Zune continues to innovate with custom device designs and inventive packaging, this time upping the ante with a black version in homage to Joy Division. Since the launch of the Zune originals series, we've been impressed with Zune's willingness...
JetVegas, Zune Giveaway
Thrillist and Jetblue joined forces to create the boozy whirlwind forever to be remembered as JetVegas. It was a sponsor-laden 36-hour boondoggle from New York to Vegas and back, enjoyed by 150 media-types and those who love us. Whether we subscribe...
Zune Originals: Interview with Chris Stephenson
Zune's next move takes their support of emerging artists and literally puts it on their sleeve. Zune Originals is a collection of 27 original works by 18 international artists designed to be engraved onto the back of the device. (Click images...
Internet TV Alternatives
Apple TV snagged much of the fortune and fame as a stylish, no-fuss way to transfer web content to your television screen. (How very Apple.) For all of the sleek box's plug-and-play appeal, several new products showing up in the market offer different...
Anthony Burrill: One For Me, One For You
Known for bold graphic work reminiscent of vintage propaganda posters and vector graphic instructions, English artist Anthony Burill created "One For Me, One For You", the latest up in the award-winning Zune Arts project. (Click above...
In a clever marketing marriage, the NYC-based PR firm BPMW (Brand Pimps and Media Whores) loaded Zunes with content from their clients' Fall/Winter '07 lines. Narrated by Weekly Drop, the witty podcast covering streetwear and sneaker culture...
Zune Winners
Of the hundreds of correct entries in our Zune Giveaway, we picked three winners at random to get their very own Zune. Congratulations to Tom F., Rafael L. and Toma M., who all answered all three questions correctly. Here are the questions and (in...
Zune Giveaway
Zune, the new WiFi-enabled, bigger-screened iPod competitor from Microsoft, made its much-hyped debut today and we've got three—one in each color—to give away. With its non-scratch rubberized case, FM tuner...