Yves Behar

Designing the New Kodak Super 8 with fuseproject + Yves Behar
It's safe to say that many filmmakers got their start on Super 8 cameras—grainy, film-shooting creative tools that were easy to use and fun to tinker with. While the category never died and old cameras are still highly in demand, they provide challenges...
Fuseproject's Three-Port Zolt Charger
Launching today, the Zolt Laptop Charger aims to make powering all your devices faster, easier and much less cumbersome. The charger—designed by fuseproject—is a sleek, lightweight device with three USB ports. This translates to charging three...
Cocktails Connected with SodaStream MIX
Can a home beverage machine be a smart device? SodaStream certainly thinks so and their answer is the MIX. At Milan Design Week 2015, SodaStream recently unveiled their new connected device that that can be controlled via smartphone and runs with...
SodaStream's New Play, Flavors, Vending Machine and More
Things move quickly at SodaStream, particularly since they partnered with Yves Behar's fuseproject. Following the success of their completely redesigned and reengineered Source carbonated drink-maker, the brand has introduced a colorful, customizable...
Traveler Zita at Maison & Objet 2013
by Dora Haller With special focus on kitchen utilities, this autumn's Maison & Objet—the Parisian design trade show which ran from 6-10 September—offered simple innovations alongside more decadent wares. CH enthusiastically trawled through the vast...
SodaStream Source Bottle by Yves Béhar
After being wowed by Yves Béhar's SodaStream redesign a year or so ago, CH became steady users of the Source soda maker. While the machine itself is sleek enough to stand alone on the kitchen counter, the rather bulbous bottles always lived behind...
August Smart Lock
We've seen everything from robots that work autonomously to clean your windows, to iPad apps that change your lights' hue, but the latest home improvement technology to deservingly catch our attention is the August Smart Lock. The most recent project...
Cool Hunting Designer Master Classes in Milan
This year, in addition to our annual coverage of Milan's Design Week, we've teamed up with Heineken to hold a series of Designer Master Classes on 9, 10 and 11 April 2013 at The Heineken Magazzini in Milan's Zona Tortona. In order to give our readers...
Hands On: The New Jawbone UP
Initially released this time last year, the Jawbone UP, designed by Yves Behar, made its debut as a holistic life tracker worn on the wrist 24/7. As you may remember, the bendable band syncs with an iPhone app to record bodily information such as...
Form 6
The latest version of Jimmyjane's innovative vibrator is even more travel friendly. The handy waterproof tool comes with two independently-powered ends, an intuitive interface and a cordless charger.
Big Jambox
Just released as a follow-up to the diminuitive Jambox speaker, Jawbone presents Big Jambox, a scaled-up version of the wireless speaker setup. In part a nod to the boombox speakers that gained popularity in the '70s, the device delivers full sound...