Writing Instruments

Rick Powell Pens
by Paul Armstrong Rick Powell can’t seem to stop dropping, crushing or misplacing writing instruments as he designs bespoke furniture pieces in his London living room. Instead of simply accepting his fate, Powell took it upon himself to design...
Caran d'Ache + MB&F's Astrograph Limited Edition Writing Instrument
Made by creative lab and horological machine-makers MB&F and manufacturers of fine pens, Caran d'Ache (founded in 1915), the new limited edition Astrograph is a striking instrument that's much more than just a pen. The two Geneva-based brands are...
Compliment Pencil Set
This set of 10 brightly colored pencils—all number two graphite—comes complete with compliments on them, for days when you're feeling insecure, have a case of writers' block or just need a little boost. Emblazoned with phrases like, "Yes You Totally...
Cross Star Wars Limited Edition Pens
Founded a long time ago (in 1846) in a galaxy not so far away, Cross is the United States' oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Yet, even with such a significant history and heritage behind them, the brand is unafraid to be playful...
Peerless 125 Collection by Cross Pens
Despite our constant shift deeper into the world of digital, many opportunities to write the good old-fashioned way—with a pen—manifest regularly. Harkening back to the time when well-made writing instruments could be handed down from generation...
Mod Notebooks
Writers and illustrators often fill notebook upon notebook with ideas, wordplay, sketches and doodles. Many are then lost to a drawer or a shelf, and the creativity stays locked away. Mod Notebooks has a brand new solution for salvaging those threads...
Bonhams Fine Writing Instruments
Tomorrow, 18 December 2013, global auction house Bonhams will place over 500 lots of fine writing utensils up for sale. Their selections—many being a writer's ultimate fantasy—include a magnificent and diverse array of 60 vintage offerings and many...