VIVO Walls' Plant Holders
Philadelphia-based videographer/photographer Rocco Avallone often has his lens focused on musicians. His documentary collective Out of Town Films has traveled the world to capture live sets, often in intimate spaces, from indie bands. When away...
A Multifunctional, Blue-Stained Wooden Bike Rack
ICYMI: a pine beetle epidemic has attacked more than 44 million acres of pine trees in British Columbia over the past 15 years—with warmer temperatures aiding the population to grow and spread far beyond its typical reach. Not only do the beetles...
Only Love is Real
Each piece of furniture in Only Love is Real's debut collection stirs something from within. Whether it's the striking juxtaposition of geometric shapes in The Professor Chair, the inverted pyramid-like table holding black rose marble up to the sky...
Phlo: Architectural Wooden Clutches
Central Saint Martins alum Vega Zaishi Wang is gaining reputation as one the brightest rising stars in the Chinese design world. In the last few years, the independent fashion designer has shaped fascinating creations that merge her time in the East...
Rocking Chair #1
Maker of boats, kitchens, lighting and more, woodworker Reed Hansuld creates sculptural furniture pieces with a monk-like reverence for their functionality and longevity. Though utility-focused, his pieces are also works of art. With a steel skeleton...
Paragon Pendant by Allied Maker
Drawing on geometric simplicity with a heavy focus on materials and craftsmanship, Allied Maker began as the woodwork of Ryden Rizzo. Since we last checked in, the Allied Maker offerings have expanded into high-end lighting fixtures. Simple yet with...
Studio Visit: Surname Goods
In a world in which IKEA furniture is ubiquitous and lifestyle goods go in and out of style like a choppy tide, a company like Surname Goods is a breath of fresh air. Originally founded in Brooklyn in 2011 by Timothy Skehan and Steve Bukowski, Surname...
Tool Stool
Alex Hellum's solid beech Tool Stool is exactly as described in its name. The stool features an overhanging seat with a laser-etched ruler so it can be easily used as a saw-bench, while the complementary toolbox keeps it all in one spot and can be...
Modern Rocking Chair
Leaving the mechanics intact, J Rusten updated the traditional rocking chair silhouette with an oversized, slightly more free-form structure. Maple cantilevered rungs make up the frame, with a bent walnut base to rest your arms.
Satta Presents Spiritual Materialism
Drawing on a combination of illustration, painting and woodworking skills, Joe Lauder has swiftly put Satta—his line of retro-inspired, handmade cruiser skateboards and accompanying apparel—on the global skate and surf radar. His collaborative work...
Nashville's Holler Design
by Chérmelle Edwards Matt Alexander grew up on a farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. After stints in Knoxville and Detroit, he found himself in Brooklyn, daydreaming about returning to his roots. His reverie eventually drew him back to...
Robinson Campaign Watch Case
In 2013 when cabinetmaker and wood craftsman Callum Robinson of Scotland's Method Studio was tapped by Vacheron Constantin—one of the world's oldest watchmakers—to make a travel case for one of their most prized pieces, Robinson never knew it would...
Wooden Bicycle Grips from Nisnas Industries
If you're lucky, a solid commuter bike will last decades. A steel frame never goes out of style and a well-maintained machine can be passed down the next generation with few replaced parts. The sustainably minded team at Nisnas Industries is making...
EAST Surf Co. Wax Tool
Any surfer worth their salt knows the importance of a proper layer of wax on their deck. After a few sessions, the sticky bumps that once held your traction through turns soon feel slick like a freshly mopped floor. Meaning, it's either time to...
Castelfalfi's Picchio Reale Project, Tuscany
When artist and designer Adolfo Pistolesi heard that the new Castelfalfi project—whose mission is to breathe new life into an 800-year-old village in Tuscany, Italy—was in need of local shops on their expansive estate, he decided to embark upon a...
Handmade Kitchen Goods from Makers & Brothers
For five days, the Irish team behind Makers & Brothers (an online retail site that celebrates making, founded by siblings Jonathan and Mark Legge) recreated their off-the-radar shed in the garden of The Standard, East Village for NYCxDesign. The...
Haack Table
CH first spoke with Costa Mesa native, Sean Woolsey back in early 2012 when we discovered his pipe lamps, sheet metal paintings and love of the outdoors on Instagram. After three years, the artist and self-taught furniture maker has decided to create...
iBlock by Brooklyn Butcher Blocks
For those spontaneous meals that involve browsing a new recipe from the internet, the task of balancing your tablet can become cumbersome—especially when your focus needs to be on that sizzling frying pan or boiling pot of stock. Nils Wessell of...
Upon entering BDDW (just a block from Broadway and steps from Saturdays Surf NYC) it's easy to confuse this handmade furniture emporium with a museum. Vaulted ceilings and antiquated stonework—all painted a stark white—serve to enhance the focus on...
Highlights from Design in Common
Last week in Milan we were pleasantly surprised to find Beijing Design Week presenting Design in Common—a selection of pieces from the capital city's fair. With a focus on communal furniture and tea-drinking pieces in particular, the exhibition was...
L'uomo che Firma il Legno
Pierluigi Ghianda, known to many as the "poet of wood," has in his career left an indelible mark on the world of design. The master ebonist was born in Brianza, a region that is considered the real factory of the Milanese design—if Milan can...
The Rolling Owl Stool
When creating a new piece of furniture, Maine craftsman Geoffrey Warner finds inspiration in the beauty and strength of natural forms. A carpenter by trade, Warner is especially drawn to those he finds in the woods that surround his studio to create...
Blackcreek Mercantile and Trading Company
Working exclusively with naturally sourced materials, Blackcreek Mercantile and Trading Company seeks to create products that connect the user and the maker to the material. Blackcreek is based in the thick forest of Kingston, NY, and specializes...
Antonín Hepnar
by Adam Štěch American artists like J. B. Blunk, Wendell Castle and Jack Rogers Hopkins are established heavyweights in the world of design and certainly represent the "haute couture" style of woodworking, but Czech master craftsman and...