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Word of Mouth: Koreatown, Los Angeles
With the largest Korean population outside of South Korea, LA's sprawling Koreatown neighborhood offers an almost overwhelming number of food, beverage and shopping options at every turn. Traditionally home to many Korean families and a large Latino...
Word of Mouth: Addis Ababa
by Jenny Miller Addis Ababa is a capital on the up-and-up. As the gateway to the rest of Ethiopia and its beguiling landscape, Addis is a city of almost constant sunshine and, in recent years, construction dust. Countless hotels, a light rail system...
Best of CH 2014: Travel
Travel serves as one of the greatest sources of new ideas, perspectives and creative inspiration. Over 2014, the CH team was lucky to have ventured around the world to renowned and remote destinations alike. Adventure remained a constant theme throughout...
Word of Mouth: St. Pauli, Hamburg
With Berlin as an alluring, ever-active capital city, other destinations in Germany are often an after-thought. But that shouldn't be the case, as each region offers different insight, different experiences and an opportunity to further explore the...
Word of Mouth: Creative Tel Aviv
by Ross Belfer Tel Aviv is inarguably one of the world’s most paradoxical cities: an often stigmatized society haphazardly positioned within a volatile region of the world. But beyond the headlines lies a dynamic, pluralistic population bursting with...
Word of Mouth: Paraty
by Abby Morgan and Blake Whitman Walking around the maze of streets paved with irregular stones, visitors can feel the Portuguese presence that first landed in Paraty 500 years ago. Situated in a sheltered bay at the edge of the wild Mata Atlantica...
Word of Mouth Melbourne: Shopping
Melbourne might not boast the weather or the beaches of many other Australian cities, but it's a town that prides itself on culture and style. There is a myriad of stores from the southside to the north and everywhere between, all offering something...
Word of Mouth: Shanghai
by Hart Hagerty China’s global financial center, transport hub and stylish East-meets-West playground, Shanghai is the country’s largest city by population (23 million as of 2013), and the beating heart of the buzzing metropolis is Jing’An district...
Word of Mouth: Park City
More than just a hub for the film industry when it plays host to the annual Sundance Film Festival, Utah's Park City offers charm and adventure year round. The surrounding Wasatch Mountains provide plenty of opportunity for outdoor excursions...