Gift Guide: Nesting
If you're hibernating in the dreary middle of winter (or staying indoors to escape the heat elsewhere in the world), a weekend or two indoors, focused on self-care, rest and relaxation, is essential every now and then. Whether you're reading, binging...
Lost 40 Snow Boots
Stomping through the slush and snow doesn't mean cold or wet feet thanks to these super-light and comfortable boots by Vasque. Constructed from leather, an UltraDry Waterproofing system, felted wool liner and AeroGel insulating foam—which all contribute...
Indigo Fade Beanie
Sky Like Snow's unisex Indigo Fade beanie is made with uber-soft New England yarn and is hand-dyed using organically processed Japanese indigo grown at their Vermont studio. The double-sided design is guaranteed to keep you warm all winter long, just...
The North Face Reboots Their High Performance Summit Series
In 2000, the R&D department of high performance outdoor brand The North Face launched their first ever Summit Series—pinnacle products engineered for extreme adventurers. Over time, the collection expanded and shifted; some might even say it became...
Dyson's First-Ever Humidifier
To put it simply, Dyson knows a lot about air. From their vacuums and Airblade, to their fan's patented Air Multiplier technology, the brand has reimagined manipulation of environmental flow. It only makes sense, then, that they would release a...
Word of Mouth: Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley
by Leora Novick Strategically situated at the fork of Italy, France and Switzerland, Chamonix is no ordinary Alpine retreat. Home to the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924 and situated at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Western Europe...
Nordic Skiing: The Basics
As the Nordic World Championship draws to a close in Falun, Sweden, you don't have to have a designated Nordic center in your backyard to strap on your skis. Cross-country skiing is a versatile sport for the transitional seasons. From the traditional...
Mountain Maneuverability with Snowfoot
There's no getting in the way of a skier or snowboarder on the hunt for untracked, deep snow. While the lengths some riders go to for a fresh covering might seem ridiculous to an outsider, alpine touring veterans know that the journey up is all part...
Campvibes Communique W15
As longtime supporters of Poler and their casual approach to outdoor apparel and equipment, we were excited to see the Portland-based brand branch into print this past fall with Campvibes Communique magazine. Now, they're at it again with the very...
CH Picks: Timeless NFL Apparel
From capital F fashion houses to emerging streetwear brands, we've seen sport-inspired imagery enter the world of men's style across all levels in the past few seasons. Whether it's high-end mesh jerseys, handmade leather footballs or iconic high...
Skijoring with Bentley
Given the extreme winter weather in the Northeastern United States, we thought it would be appropriate and entertaining to resurface this story from 2012 Roughly translated to "ski driving," skijoring is a Scandinavian-originated snow sport where...
Stormy Kromer + Carhartt Cap
From the factory lines in Detroit to the rugged forests of the Upper Peninsula, winters in Michigan can be long and cold. It's no surprise then that this industrious yet chilly state has given rise to some of the most respected names in workwear...
Winter Skincare: Foreign Imports
While our skin has put up a good fight thus far, after a few consecutive months of being pummeled by the cold, dry air outside, and even drier heat inside, it begs for a little more love. Featuring brands from outside the US that have taken extra care...
Old Meets New in Kitsbow's Icon Shirt
There's no shortage of cycling brands designing clothes to transition seamlessly from the on the bike to on the street. From moisture management to visibility to ease of movement, cycling apparel has made a quantum leap in wearability for the neon...
United Shapes Snowboards
Designing for the next Golden Age of snowboarding, United Shapes is a the latest creative venture from Steven Kimura and Peter Sieper, the duo behind NYC-based Owner Operator outerwear. Taking a similar approach in terms of inspiration and attitude...
32,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Baldface Lodge
Tucked away deep in the Southern Selkirks amid British Columbia's myriad mountain ranges that stack up like a line of dominos across the province, Baldface Lodge is the epitome of an epic destination. On a clear day, it's a short but breathtaking...
In the Field with Aether Apparel
After a few flights, a couple hours in the car, a short jaunt in a helicopter and a ride in a steamy snowcat, we found ourselves overlooking British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains, surrounded by untracked powder without a lodge or any mark of human...
Line Skis Magnum Opus
Ski design and construction innovation continues to give riders the potential to push the sport forward in ways that would have early pioneers stopped in their leather boots. While advancements have occurred across all categories, perhaps the greatest...
Six Celebratory Holiday Cocktails
As the seasons shift, so do cocktail menus at bars, restaurants and even within homes—and that's largely due to the palates of consumers seeking out a drink to match the spirit of the times. With holiday parties in abundance, the following options...
Winter Snow Essentials for Women
For those in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is here to stay (at least for the next few months) and while it may seem grim, it also means getting back to all your favorite cold weather activities. For many who are drawn to the mountains, skiing and...
Deerskin and Tweed Gloves
Classic with a slightly rugged look, these gloves are deceptively luxurious. They're composed of deerskin and russet-brown wool tweed with a soft cashmere lining. Though they may look ready for manual labor, spare yourself the trouble.
Hiuki White Scarf
Once winter hits it's essential to remain wrapped up in dreamy softness for the ensuing months. To do so with some semblance of style, throw on the Hiuki White by A Peace Treaty. With a gentle chevron print in white and cream, the delightfully oversized...
Recycled Wool Throw
This cozy wool blanket is as good for naps as it is the environment. Made in the USA from a blend of sustainably raised wool and recycled acrylics that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, the 45'' x 66'' throw has a luxuriously soft heathered...
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