Elephant Hills, Thailand
by Jennifer Miller Every year, tourists flock to Thailand in search of beautiful beaches, delicious food and the chance to ride an elephant. The Asian elephant is the country’s national symbol, an animal much idealized and, for many years, greatly...
Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
by Kelly Phillips Badal Set on 12 acres of private land within a 140-acre indigenous forest, Giraffe Manor is an ivy-covered 1930s colonial mansion-turned-hotel, with stunning art deco interiors to match. But the true stars of this classic Kenyan...
Coopertown Airboat Tour
A nine-mile long freshwater swamp teeming with exotic wildlife, Coopertown's airboat is an "only in Florida" experience, offering an up-close view of the Everglades. The family-run establishment uses a boat originally intended for frog hunting, keeping...
Macaulay Library
The din of a tropical Australian dawn chorus, the jazzy tune of an indri lemur, the cacaphony of an underwater walrus—these are among the 150,000 audio recordings recently digitized and made publicly available as part of the Cornell Lab of...
The Breathless Zoo
Taxidermy has risen in the contemporary design scene over recent years, mounted on the walls of shops and restaurants as well as defining a certain throwback aesthetic in modern homes. The venerable form of animal preservation marries actual scientific...