West Village

Three Signature Cocktails from West Village Icon, Chumley's
For some of us who rushed to Chumley's for its reopening last year, the experience felt much like a great dream. When the venue closed a decade ago, New Yorkers lost a legendary watering hole. Before its closure, generations of individuals had been...
J. Mueser's Custom Suits
If you blink you might just miss the J. Mueser storefront in NYC's West Village. Stepping inside, however, reveals not only the depths of the location and the plentitude of fabrics and ready to wear clothing, but also the imagination of founder Jake...
Quality Eats, NYC
TGIF—and what better way to treat yourself after a week of hard work than a steak and martini? Making this reward easy on the wallet and perhaps even a regular occasion, NYC restaurant Quality Eats (opened last November) has a surfeit of affordable...
When the digital world closes in, it's only natural to seek an analog oasis. Online shopping never includes the smells, sights and chance encounters that can make a shopping experience special. Calliope, Michael and Caroline Ventura's new West Village...
Studio Visit: Lorraine Kirke of Geminola
Throughout the first floor of Lorraine Kirke's West Village apartment, dresses are squeezed into every imaginable nook and cranny—hung on antique cabinets and the stair railing, filling up multiple rooms—which are complemented by paintings (mostly...
The creation of dim sum master chef Joe Ng and Chinese food expert Ed Schoenfeld, RedFarm offers the greenmarket mentality applied to modern Chinese masterpieces. Rustic décor meets dim sum exploration, and it's all locavore. The steamed baby bok choy...