Web Design

Design at Squarespace
Web-building platform Squarespace makes it easy for anyone and everyone to build a beautiful home online—you don't have to be a coding or design expert, because Squarespace makes everything simple and accessible. Design isn’t just a veneer at Squarespace...
From Pencil to Photoshop to Dropbox: 2015 Design Tools Survey
Earlier this summer, web design veteran Khoi Vinh—former Design Director at The New York Times Online and now Principal Designer at Adobe—sent out a questionnaire to the public to learn what tools designers are using and favoring today. With participation...
CH Nominated for Webby Awards
Karl Lagerfeld once said, "I like to reinvent myself—it’s part of my job." We couldn't agree more and it falls under our job description as well. When we launched our highly anticipated redesign in November of 2014, we were excited to present a new...
Radical Interactive Design by The Workers
One of the UK’s most exciting art events last year only technically took place inside a gallery. In reality, Tate Britain’s “After Dark” played out on computer screens all across the globe. "After Dark" let website visitors take control of four robots...
Informing the Future
Since starting Cool Hunting in February 2003, I have derived as much joy from designing the container as creating the contents. With each of our five previous redesigns, we have strived to push innovations in web design while simultaneously elevating...
The 19th Annual Webby Awards: Call for Entries
Now in its 19th rendition, the annual Webby Awards has again begun accepting entries. With five main categories—Websites, Online Film & Video, Interactive Advertising & Media, Mobile Sites & Apps, Social—there's plenty of opportunity to get involved...
Him: The Website
We were first introduced to digital creative Bjorn Johansson’s work a few years back when we profiled one of his projects, Big-Ass Message, which allowed users the ability to create full-screen, text-based messages across the screens of co-workers...
As the NASA spacecraft Voyager I pierced the outer reaches of our solar system in its 36th year of travel (and became the farthest manmade craft from Earth), New York City designer Ken Amarit questioned "what it means to be on an endless mission...