Studio Visit: Maryanne Moodie
Three years ago Australian art teacher-turned-weaver Maryanne Moodie packed up her loom and moved to New York City with her husband and newborn baby to give a go at conquering the concrete jungle. That turned out to be a sound decision; the fast-paced...
The Palm Project's Natural Bags and Baskets
Mexico City-based designer and CENTRO university professor Moisés Hernández has been dedicated to forwarding design in his native country. His curatorial shop Diario is stocked with unique products made in Mexico (like this two-toned bright blue...
BeatWoven Translates Music into Textiles
By the time he passed away in 1943, Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff had left a legacy: one that penetrated beyond the realm of classical music, and infiltrated the lives of the audience and the works of other artists. Featured in...
Knit Wit Magazine
Young knitters, weavers and even hobbyists rejoice—no longer do you have to resort to dusty old library books or wade through the barrages of cutesy pink images on Pinterest to learn, share and discover new material related to handicrafts. Making...
Brazil Meets NYC in Joinery's Blankets and Rugs
Within the Brooklyn boutique's thoughtful selection of well-crafted housewares, vintage goods and hard-to-find clothing labels, one of Joinery's most popular pieces has been their own woven blankets and rugs which are, more often than not, out of...
Faustine Steinmetz's Copper Woven, Bendable Fashion
Three seasons ago, French designer Faustine Steinmetz started her eponymous label after buying a loom on a whim. Through reading old books bought on Amazon and watching YouTube tutorials, London-based Steinmetz taught herself how to weave and began...
Earthy Yak Wool Products by Norlha
In the Tibetan language, "norlha" means "wealth of the Gods," and is used by many local nomads in reference to their yaks, which are among the most important resources of the Tibetan Plateau. Referencing this, Norlha is a textile brand that aims...
Voices of Industry
According to the American Apparel & Footwear Association report released last week, 97.5% of apparel sold in the United States is made internationally. For the past two years, this number has been in decline (albeit in the decimals) as the Made in...
18x18 by Node Fair Trade Rugs
After founding fair trade rug company Node, illustrator Chris Haughton merged his art and craft sensibilities to conceive "18x18", a collection of 18 fair trade rugs created in collaboration with 18 artists and designers launching exclusively at...