Water Bottles

Infuser Water Bottle
Crafted by a barista, this vessel is double-walled and can keep liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 22 hours. But more than a regular water bottle, the Barista Bottle comes complete with an infuser, so you can brew tea (hot or cold) and infuse your...
Soma's New Glass Water Bottles
Makers of some of our favorite sustainable products—including the 10-cup water filter pitcher—SF-based Soma is now making an equally beautiful glass water bottle (though it won't filter the water for you). The design is so striking that you'll...
Insulated Canteen
Corkcicle’s canteens stand out thanks to their attention to detail. Patented easy-grip sides prevent the bottle from rolling (while also providing an angular look), its no-slip bottom keeps it secure on almost any surface, and triple insulation keeps...
Summer Bike Accessories
There's no better way to spend the dog days of summer than riding your two-wheeler around town. Regardless of your destination—be it the local park, the beach, a yoga studio or a friend's apartment—we've found some super-useful products that don't...
Nava by Kor
In follow up to the "perfect spout" built into their Vida water bottle, today California-based Kor released Nava, a new bottle that combines their signature mouth-friendly top with a slim filter built into the center of the bottle. Constructed from...