Vulnicura Live Boxset
If you couldn't catch Björk on tour performing her heartbreak-to-healing Vulnicura, the Icelandic artist has collected her favorite performances into a live album, plus a few classics like "Wanderlust." The luxury edition boxset includes a double LP...
Flipbin Brings Your Favorite Vinyl Records to the Front
There is a myriad of record storage and organizing designs out there but the recently launched flipbin—currently funding on Kickstarter—grabbed our attention. Manufactured in Chicago, the aluminum storage unit is angled (supported by another...
Record Store Day 2016: DJ Lloyd's Deep Cuts
In case you've forgotten, Record Store Day is tomorrow. Regardless of whether the hundreds of "exclusive new releases and reissues" were worth pressing to vinyl, the event celebrates the long-loved medium and rekindles the flame with albums old...
La Roma Records
If you're in the mood for a little crate-digging, La Roma Records—whose storefront window boasts a highly impressive sticker collection—is an excellent place to find albums that are imported from all around the world, along with used vinyl that was...
Atmo Sfera Platterless Turntable Spins Vinyl in the Air
Chicago's Gramovox already defied gravity with their vertical Floating Record Player, and now Italian start-up Audio Deva offers their own "upside-down" take on a turntable. It eschews the basic design that has "remained the same for about a century...
Conran Shop Launches New Music Selection
The Conran Shop's selection of desirable furniture (including their own in-house brand, which finds inspiration in the spirit of Brazil this season) down to unique, easy-on-the-wallet kitchenware will have you furiously drafting dream home Pinterest...
Record Calendar
Made by Antalya, Turkey-based illustrator Gulsah Suzen, this vinyl-inspired 2016 calendar features the days of each month flowing through the grooves of a record. The print is available in two different sizes and is available on glossy or matte paper...
Wesley & Kemp's Record Easel
Freshly launched lifestyle company Wesley & Kemp shows off the spirit of Detroit and the Midwest, and incorporates collaborations with local artists and makers like Michigan's Mercy Supply. The standout from Wesley & Kemp's debut collection of...
Interview: Graham Dunning and the Mechanical Techno Machine
Multiple layers of modified records rotate on the turntable. Some of the vinyl has been sliced and bent, while others have little nuts and bolts drilled in or are covered in stickers to blank out certain sections. A ring stand—normally used to clamp...
I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome) Vinyl Set
A comedy compilation unlike any other: nine albums worth of Eugene Mirman (known to many mortals as spunky Gene from Bob's Burgers). While the first album, a recording of Mirman's live stand-up, is primed for repeat listening, some of the other albums...
Floating Record Player
Chicago-based Gramovox seemingly defies gravity (and decades of tradition) with the Floating Record: a turntable that spins vinyl vertically for maximum audiovisual impact—truly treating each record like a work of art. With final assembly taking place...
Interview: Danish DJs Den Sorte Skole
John Oswald, Girl Talk, DJ Shadow and even Pogo are recognizable artists who made their name creating new music exclusively from samples. Copenhagen-based collective Den Sorte Skole distinguishes themselves not just because of their numbers—their latest...
Leather Slipmat
As an alternative to standard felt slipmats, Tanner Goods offers a handmade leather version worthy of your thoughtful turntable setup and favorite records. The material collects less dust (and therefore less static build-up) and is uncommonly beautiful...
What We're Reading: Music Books
After you've listened to album after album on Spotify, recovered from a weeknight concert, bombasted by music at the local bar, it's sometimes nice to let the ears rest. There's still another way to get your music fix, however—in the form of bound...
Retro Record Washer
Keep your beloved vinyl collection in tip-top condition with this manual washer from Spin-Clean. Offering a compact, made-in-USA unit that's more affordable than its high-tech counterparts, Spin-Clean celebrates 40 years of taking lint, dust and fingerprints...
Fern & Roby's Cast Iron and Bronze Turntable
Fern & Roby, located in Richmond, Virginia, designs not only eye-catching furniture with vintage-inspired bases (made from cast iron, bronze or aluminum) but also stunning audio equipment that could double as sculptural works of art. With a dedication...
Elemental Turntable
As an alternative to the bulky size and cheap plastic of many entry-level turntables, Austria-based Pro-Ject Audio Systems's Elemental is a simple record player especially fit for vinyl newbies that's as easy on the wallet as it is on the ears. With...
Unique Vinyl Experiences in Paris
There are certainly plenty of disquaires, or record stores, in Paris to keep up with the regrowing interest in vinyl. From the collector's goldmine at Superfly Records (whose in-house label also reissues their favorite rare records at more affordable...
Singles Club Year Two
These days, many see vinyl records as coveted relics of interest for a niche audience, though in fact international sales hit a two-decade high in 2014 with six million LPs sold in the US alone. While some chalk this up to a widespread vintage fetish...
Twin Shadow: Turn Me Up "Turn Me Up" is Twin Shadow's first track in months after a brief hiatus. Continuing in the same synth-tinged vein, the new release feels somehow grander than previous efforts—more stadium anthem than basement bar. Taxie...
Top 100 Vinyl Releases of 2014
London's The Vinyl Factory has published their Top 100 Vinyl Releases of 2014, and as expected from this annual treat, it's a penetrating look at the year's 7”s, 10”s, 12”s, EPs, LPs and box sets. Many of the artists we've covered throughout our year...
Harold Burrage: You Eat Too Much
'Tis the season in the USA, when it's time to gather around, give thanks and load up our plates. Holiday tunes of the Thanksgiving variety are in short order, but thanks to the Chicago blues and soul singer Harold Burrage, we have a track to toast...
Kind of Blue Signed LP
In two studio sessions in the spring of 1959 Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue, which would quickly solidify itself as the best jazz album of all time. A year later, in 1960, he signed a copy of the record for a fan—something he evidently never did...
Hand & Eye + MER Tote
You can tell just by looking at the Hand & Eye + Mer Tote that it's a bag that'll go with you pretty much everywhere. The rugged gray bag is made from truck tarp and canvas sourced in the US. There are no bells and whistles needed—it's roomy with a...
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