Vintage Clothing

Transforming Vintage Pieces, the Hus-Hus + Linder Collaboration
The Linder boutique in NYC has become a haven for all genders seeking that je ne sais quoi. There's an in-house collection of luxe basics (think high-waisted gold corduroy pants and oversized silk sweaters) plus pieces from like-minded brands such...
Word of Mouth: 7th District, Budapest
by Anya Lawrence In the midst of a cultural upheaval, Budapest is rapidly becoming the vibrant creative mecca of Central Europe. Its plentiful offering of baroque thermal baths and classically beautiful architecture alongside a bevy of superb yet...
Darn and Dusted Bespoke Denim Repairs
Few clothes have as much emotional value to their wearer as the perfect pair of jeans, or that denim jacket that fits just right. The fact that denim often has to be broken in means people get really attached to their favorite piece—whether that...
Studio Visit: Lorraine Kirke of Geminola
Throughout the first floor of Lorraine Kirke's West Village apartment, dresses are squeezed into every imaginable nook and cranny—hung on antique cabinets and the stair railing, filling up multiple rooms—which are complemented by paintings (mostly...
Vintage isn't just a passing craze; for many, it's a lifestyle. People traverse the globe looking for one-of-a-kind items for their wardrobe and home that fall outside the spectrum of what's on offer in most stores. Now, longtime collector Julie...