Video Podcasts

Vienna Design Week 2008: Pure Austrian Design's In The City
Meeting with Julia and Andrés Fredes, founders of Pure Austrian Design (as well as their own studio Juland), last week was a great introduction to the Austrian design scene, including Vienna's second annual design week and their pop-up...
Pop!Tech Pop!Casts
If you are needing some inspiration and motivation this week, the Pop!Casts from Pop!Tech might be just the answer. The people who create the Pop!Tech new ideas conference each year and brought you the beautiful AntiBabel EP have recently released...
Nullsleep makes music on Gameboys. Exclusively. And it's really good. He performed recently at Monkeytown in Brooklyn, NY and the m ss ng p eces was there to capture it for CH Video. His interview, and excerpts from his performance, comprise the...
CES Videos Posted
Today we posted the last of our videos from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This one captures the frenetic montage of sights and sounds that one can not avoid when attending the world's largest trade show. Here's a list of all...
ITP Winter Show Videos
We dropped 3 new CH Videos this week, all from the ITP Winter show. They feature interactive video projects, a wooden synthesizer, a tangible clock, a wheelchair DJ system and more! Subscribe to CH Video here and watch them in iTunes or on your...
2006 Bloggie Nominations Begin
Nominations for the 6th annual Bloggies began today and, well, Cool Hunting's a blog! Obviously, we fit the American, Group, and, ahem, Best of the Year, among others, but our just-launched Cool Hunting Podcast is already rated #13 in Arts and...
2005 in Review: Collaborations
Cool Hunting teamed up with some of the best and brightest artists and designers over this past year, and the results, like sneaker memory games, custom Camonanos, and the new podcast, make us proud to have them in our repertoire. M ss ng P eces Video...
Cool Hunting Video
Like a post to the site, Cool Hunting Video delivers quick and dense segments on a specific topic, but with all the benefits of audio and video. Each week we'll bring you at least one story produced in collaboration with M ss ng P eces. CH Video...
Peyton's Podcast
Our friend Svenja noticed in this week's episode of the WB's 'One Tree Hill' that Peyton, one of the main characters, recorded her thoughts on a podcast. In the show's credits, after the usual 'songs you heard in this episode...