Valentine's Day 2014

Spectral Display: It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love
On what many might argue is a manufactured holiday, it's still love we're celebrating, and there's nothing wrong with that. But among all of the sappy Valentine's Day sentiments, it's important to take a cue from Spectral Display's Michel Mulders and...
Superhumanoids for i-D Magazine: Music To... Freak To
LA's Superhumanoids have been collectively releasing a steady stream of original music for the past four years (which we've fanatically documented with each release), but as talented multi-instrumentalists, the trio work beyond their own sound and...
William Onyeabor: Atomic Bomb
Luaka Bop label manager Eric Welles is behind this week's #PrivateJam, and he shares his love for the elusive Nigerian singer William Onyeabor. Welles not only worked relentlessly on bringing Onyeabor's sound to the US, but was lucky enough to receive...
Petit Fantome: L
Those French singers sure know how to woo—but when they get Rosanna Webster, Charlie Sheppard and HOAV Studio on their side, one hell of an interactive music video gets made. Accompanying the track "L" by Bordeaux-based musician Petit Fantôme (Pierre...
Woman's Hour: Her Ghost The British quartet Woman's Hour isn't easy to sum up, but any band whose website contains a manifesto-like literary component and whose album art and videos are created by the politically-minded, provocative photographers...
Two graphic designers working in Poland's burgeoning tech industry have taken "softwear" startups to the next level. Their unintentional product: Unerdwear, boxer shorts that unleash your true inner nerd. Kasia Bojanowska and Joanna Socha's combined...
Kinderhook Snacks
After all of the Super Bowl festivities that took place yesterday, many Americans might never want to hear the word "snack" again. This morning, however, we found ourselves munching on triple ginger cookies, spicy and smoky mixed nuts and baked cheese...
CH Gift Guide: Valentine's Day 2014
It may take a muscle to fall in love, but bestowing someone you care about with a token of your affection on Valentine's Day is sure to help keep romance in the air. It's one of the more difficult holidays to shop for, but we've pulled together a...
Province Apothecary Sex Oil
The name is blunt: Sex Oil from Toronto-based Province Apothecary doesn't hide behind any vague adjectives or cute lingo. It's as clear as the oil's list of ingredients, which blends coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, GMO-free...