Test Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R
by Justin Kaehler Just last year, it seemed Volkswagen had reached peak hatchback status, but evidently, they had grand plans. The respected company is now ready to release its ultimate hatchback, the Golf R. It’s the fastest, most powerful Golf...
Test Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI
The Golf has been a favorite in its segment since its debut in 1974, selling more than 30 million cars worldwide. The latest generation—its seventh—is finally arriving in the US after a year in other markets. It’s worth the wait. A wider, longer...
Geneva Auto Show Themes
This year's International Auto Show in Geneva brought about design innovations and curious concepts hitting all different market segments. From customizable supercars to cute cabriolets, the following themes prevailed at the show. Bespoke Autos...
2012 VW Passat
Introducing a new streamlined body while lowering the price, the 2012 Volkswagen Passat sleekly updates previous models. The big advancement being that it's now made stateside at the German automaker's new sustainably-minded factory in Chattanooga...
The New York International Auto Show 2011: Concept Cars
Concept cars serve two purposes: To create an allure and desire for a brand and to explore style and technology innovations that influence a maker's range of cars in a more accessible time frame. Most of these cars had their debut at other recent shows...
Touareg Rare Beast
Taking advantage of a sunny day in New York City, we recently put Volkswagen's new 2011 Supercharged Hybrid Touareg to the test on a trip to Brooklyn for some of the best pizza in town. VW describes this limited edition Touareg as "a rare beast...
The 2011 VW Jetta
On an extended drive through San Francisco, Marin County and Sonoma, I was able to put Volkswagen's 2011 Jetta to the test. Totally redesigned with careful consideration for the U.S. market, the new mid-sized contender is sleeker, roomier and cheaper...
VW Touareg V6 TDI
With the automobile industry in crisis, it's refreshing to see steps in the right direction like Volkswagon's new Clean Diesel Technology. Their most recent model to incorporate such emission- and pollution-lowering technology is the lean...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Lee Stoetzel
Juxtaposing nature with man-made objects, Pennsylvania-based artist Lee Stoetzel uses woods chosen for their natural flaws to make large-scale sculptures. In this video we visit Lee at his home studio where he's disassembling his life-size replica...