The Boswash Shareway
Last week in Istanbul a six month long discourse on the future of mobility in our megacities culminated an impressive showing of concepts from five international architecture firms visualizing their home cities in the year 2030. Organized as a competition...
BMW Guggenheim Lab
Consistent with BMW's longstanding cultural initiatives, this week launched the New York leg of BMW Guggenheim Lab, an exploration of issues regarding contemporary urban life. The six-year worldwide tour will reach nine cities to encourage international...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Bike Fixtation If you've ever ended up stranded in the city with a flat tire, you'll find the new Bike Fixtation kiosks helpful. The self-service stations are open extended hours for bicyclists in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan areas...
Grow Y'own
From luxury chicken coops to high-tech wind turbines, the more accessible tools of today's self-sustainability movement mean you can do things like raise fresh meat and harness affordable energy without going to extremes—providing you have...
Ugly-Kid Gumo
As rebels against not just art world norms but against conventions for public space, many see graffiti as by definition disagreeable. Artists like Ugly-Kid Gumo embrace that position, providing commentary through art that originated on the street...
Flying Junction
Drawing on their love of soccer heritage, the enthusiasts behind Bumpy Pitch clothing company and lifestyle site The Original Winger recently created a collection of prints inspired by vintage transit signage. The line, called Flying Junction...
City Hydroponic
Behind the many verdant closets and kitchen-corner produce installations increasingly tucked into NYC apartments, you can often find the expertise and passion of urban gardening advocate and entrepreneur Aaron Moore. Splitting his time between his...
Design Futures
Textile and design expert Bradley Quinn secures his place among authors on the pulse of technology and design with his new book, "Design Futures." The 240-page road map about design's immediate future, edifies communities from architects to budding...
New Aging
If design is about problem solving, the stereotypical nursing home—sterile, isolated, generally depressing—is perhaps one of the institutions most in need of an overhaul. In an effort to change traditional retirement living, Architizer...