Travel Apps

A Shift In Focus From Foursquare Swarm 5.0
There's much to love about today's update to the Swarm app, which is now entering its fifth generation. There's enough here, in fact, to not only appeal to current users, but also bring new ones to the geo-location service. The primary value? Life...
Journy's Comprehensive Travel Concierge Service
It's the balance between carefully-selected tastemaker recommendations and a distinct technological platform that separates Journy from the array of competitive travel services presently available. They also have a very uncommon and cost-efficient...
Porter & Sail's Travel Concierge Service in Barcelona
With Casa Bonay (a 19th century mansion turned 67-room boutique hotel) as our home base, we recently spent time in Barcelona exploring the recommendations of digital concierge service Porter & Sail. We first looked into the app's potential during...
Porter & Sail's Digital Concierge Service
Regardless of how carefully one plans a vacation or business trip, on-the-fly recommendations can come in handy for spare moments or simply indulging whimsy. Both Yelp and Foursquare have their limitations, in that you're relying on friends or...
FAVD + The Miami Beach Edition Travel Guide
After a successful soft launch during the most recent fashion weeks across NYC, Paris, London and Milan, web and iOS travel app FAVD is heading south to Miami for Art Basel. In addition to offering carefully tailored guides from trusted voices (be...
Compass Cultura
Miles away from Lonely Planet, NatGeo and Fodor's, you'll find Compass Cultura, a new digital approach to travel journalism. The ad-free, subscription-based project aims to elevate the genre by celebrating creative, thought-provoking writing above...
Campsite Booking Made Easy with Hipcamp
Camping is about getting away from it all: ditching the internet for a few days, embracing the wild and soaking in the sounds and views of nature. But as those who have tried planning the perfect trip know, it can be a frustrating and confusing process...