Word of Mouth: Sedona, Arizona
One of the few places on earth where a pinecone can be seen beside a cactus, Sedona's confluence of flora sprouts from red, iron-rich rocks and sand. Mimicking mountains, large sandstone formations actually came to be through millennia of erosion...
Biking in Banff, Canada
There are many stories of multi-use trails losing ground in the mountain bike category, especially in more popular destinations. So it may come as a surprise that one of the most beautiful and most traveled to towns in the world is actually becoming...
Estancia El Puesto, Argentina
Even in the rain there's an unplaceable charm to Estancia El Puesto. The home at the heart of the estate, an old goat farm, feels lived in—because it is. Owner Raul Labat has been entertaining guests there for years. Family members frequent the rooms...
Robert Moor's "On Trails: An Exploration"
Everyone is familiar with the way one's mind strays while on a long walk. Seven years ago, author Robert Moor embarked upon a very long walk—in fact, it was a five-month-long thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. During that time, he took copious...
Studio Visit: Trail Map Artist James Niehues
If you’ve ever grabbed one of the colorful trail maps stocked in ski lodges, or affixed to the chairlift bar, there’s a good chance you’ve seen—and used—the work of landscape artist James Niehues. Niehues (who goes by Jim) is one of just a handful...