Touch Screens

Sprout by HP
Human to computer interaction is ever-changing with an ironic (though welcomed) evolution to more natural interfaces. Sprout by HP, the latest case-in-point, has just been officially unveiled. Sprout is a touch-screen Windows PC that has a touch...
HTC Legend and Desire
Unveiled in Barcelona this morning, the HTC Legend and Desire are the latest and—as the names imply—greatest Android phones to enter the market. Both devices feature the company's Sense user interface which improves many facets of the...
Blackberry Storm
The Storm is BlackBerry's much-heralded first foray into touchscreen smartphones. When it hit the market earlier this week, it entered a field of touchscreen phones like the T-Mobile G1 and the gold standard Apple iPhone. It was developed by...
Hands on with the T-Mobile G1
When it goes on sale tomorrow, the T-Mobile G1 will be the very first mobile device to utilize Google's open source operating system, Android. I've been using a G1 for the last couple of weeks and am really impressed—a relief...
T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone
Today in New York City T-Mobile, HTC and Google officially unveiled the much anticipated G1. The touch-screen phone is the first to use Google's open source Android platform. Available on 22 October 2008 for $179, this device offers the first...
I Want You To Want Me Video
"I Want You To Want Me," an interactive piece on the subject of online dating and relationships by perennial CH fave Jonathan Harris and his collaborator Sep Kamvar, and one of the standouts commissioned for MoMA's recent Design and...
Multi-touch User Interface
Abut 10 days ago Apple filed a patent for a touch screen user interface that could respond to more than one touch point at a time. Ever since then, the web has been a buzz with excitement and fantasy about what that means for upcoming Apple products...
Sony Ericsson W950
Today in Barcelona at the 3GSM conference Sony Ericsson Announced their newest Walkman phone, the W950. The latest hybrid device features a side jog dial and touch screen which should make navigation pretty simple—which is necessary considering...