Tom Of Finland

Tom of Finland XXL: New Edition
First published in 2009, a very comprehensive tome of Tom of Finland works, "Tom of Finland XXL" contained over 1000 images—covering around 60 years of the artist's work. The book is now available in a second edition (currently on pre-order) and features...
Tom of Finland Plate
Approximately 10 inches in diameter, Pansy Ass Ceramic's plates aren't your typical dinnerware. Working with The Tom Of Finland Foundation, the team at Pansy Ass have utilized some of the Finnish artist's classic images and hand-painted them upon vintage...
Tom of Finland + Jalo Helsinki Fire Blankets
Lifesaving fire blankets, like a fire extinguisher, aren't meant to be hidden in the closet—because when an emergency occurs, you want it at an accessible and highly visible place. And an eye-catching design helps. Known for making smoke alarms...
Couples Napkins
Thanks to a collaboration with Finnish textile manufacturer Finlayson, influential fetish artist Tom of Finland's homoerotic macho men drawings now grace functional home products like bath towels and aprons. The napkins featuring buff sailor hunks...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Vein$ Fingerprints aren't the most secure password—as any decent crime film shows, you leave them everywhere. Vein geometry, however, has been shown to be just as unique as fingerprints—even differing in twins—and could be a safer alternative...