787 Washlets
Dimming windows, exotic lightweight materials, improved fuel economy, mood-setting dynamic LED lights, massive overhead storage—there is no shortage of impressive amenities aboard Boeing's long-awaited 787. Perhaps our favorite innovation to...
Toilets of the World
The new book "Toilets of the World" examines the various approaches that different cultures take for relieving themselves. Authors Mona E. Gregory and Sian James write, "Toilets are bay windows with a view on to a given population." They begin...
Vital Vinyl Toilet Graphics
Toilets say a lot about the people who use them. Vital, a vendor on the DIY product website Etsy, has created decals specifically to be used on porcelain thrones. Now you can dress up your bowl with something a bit more stylish than a fuzzy lid cover...
Soccer Urinal
We saw this one a while back, but with World Cup in full effect it seemed time to post it. Installed in select Brazilian pubs, the campaign takes the concept of captive audience a step further. A makeshift pitch is comprised of a small plastic goal...
Fisher-Price Active Gear
Fisher-Price's new line of Active Gear includes two strollers and several back packs that provide practical elements for kids on the go: a stool, an air mattress and a portable toilet among them. The Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller has four...
Glass Can
File under not new, but still cool: Last December, Monica Bonvicini, an LA based artist, installed a public toilet cased in 1 way glass outside London's Tate Britain Gallery. What a genius method for challenging people's sense of privacy...