Budnitz Bicycles FTB
Over their brief two and half years in the bike game, Burlington, Vermont-based Budnitz Bicycles has released a wide range of some of the most high-performance bikes on the market. Specializing in titanium, cantilevered frames, precise geometry and...
Budnitz Bicycles No.2M Mountain Bike
In a little over two years since launching, Budnitz Bicycles have carved out an impressive niche for themselves within the greater bicycle community. They've mastered the city bike. Each model—from the titanium step-through and beefy 29er, to our...
Budnitz Bicycles No.5
Since its inception in summer 2011, Budnitz Bicycles has garnered a notable following amongst design and cycle enthusiasts alike for their precision-built titanium bikes. Following in the tracks of their first four frame designs, today we see the...
The Beer Wrench
Combining a trifecta of our own personal passions—minimalist design, bicycles and beer—is the newly released Beer Wrench from Budnitz Bicycles. The pocket-sized tool features a 15mm wrench to remove axle bolts on one end, and a bottle...
Charge Bikes
Best known outside of Europe for their freestyle adapted fixed-gear bicycles, U.K.-based Charge Bikes makes impeccably crafted bikes that are aesthetically and technically superior to most other bikes on the market. Contrary to what the hype may...
Titanium iPhone 4 Cover
Having tried a few different iPhone cases, I was skeptical that any could offer protection without majorly detracting from the sleek form of the phone itself—much less one designed by a camping gear brand. But after shattering my second iPhone...
Paul Budnitz Bicycles
Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz always has something new up his sleeve—Swatch watches being the latest cult object to which he's applied his winning pop culture formula. But his newest project takes the entrepreneur in a direction pretty much...