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Paul Koudounaris: Memento Mori
Photographed across 250 sites in 30 different countries and incorporating ten years of work, "Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us," by Paul Koudounaris reveals the cultural and historical relativity regarding the concept of death. With striking visuals...
Inventions that Didn't Change the World
For every groundbreaking new idea that changes the world as we know it, there are thousands (if not more) that are entirely useless—whether or not they were inspired, clever or even ingenious at their moment of inception. In "Inventions that Didn...
Fashion Photography Next
As time has shown, those who document fashion are oftentimes as influential and culturally significant as the individual designers themselves. While Bill Cunningham and Richard Avedon have long since secured their place in history, the continued...
The Duchamp Dictionary
The controversy and academic analysis surrounding the work of French-American painter Marcel Duchamp remains a focal point in art history circles. With Thomas Girst's new alphabetically arranged exploration of the artist—"The Duchamp Dictionary...
Verdi and/or Wagner
Giuseppe Verdi was born in Italy on 10 October 1813. Richard Wagner was born in Germany just a few months prior that same year. Although their work and approach to creation, substance and audience veered drastically, no one can deny their impact...