Tel Aviv

Oriented: Exploring LGBT Life in the Middle East
The LGBTQ community faces opposition on a global scale. For every law passed for equality in one nation, there are tragedies and setbacks in another (or even the same)—some fatal and others far more commonplace. With "Oriented," a feature documentary...
Word of Mouth: Tel Aviv Food + Drink
by Ari Samuel If farm-to-table produce, tehina-topped dishes of hummus inspired by generations-old recipes and daily caught seafood excite your stomach then Tel Aviv could be the place for you. Strategically located on the land bridge between Europe...
Interview: Artist Guy Yanai
by Ari Samuel Artist Guy Yanai straddles the fine line between classical painter and contemporary hyphenate. The 35-year-old, Tel Aviv-based artist’s works often depict the whimsical trots of his globe: sailing in the Aeolian Islands off the...
Babushka International Art Exhibition, Tel Aviv
by Ross Belfer Russian dolls, otherwise referred to as Matryoshka dolls, or “Babushkas,” are most commonly known as dust-gathering, nondescript ornamental items resting upon your grandmother’s mantel place. But thanks to the forward-thinking artistic...
Kalimist K Boog Gives Funk a Modern Facelift
The words "hip-hop," "funk" and " Tel Aviv" usually aren't uttered in the same sentence, but one musician is making sure it will soon become commonplace. Daniel Kalimist has been flying under the radar for some time, DJing at local venues like Pasaz...
Word of Mouth: Creative Tel Aviv
by Ross Belfer Tel Aviv is inarguably one of the world’s most paradoxical cities: an often stigmatized society haphazardly positioned within a volatile region of the world. But beyond the headlines lies a dynamic, pluralistic population bursting with...
Jennifer Abessira: We Live as We Dream—Alone
by Ross Belfer It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise inspiration behind Jennifer Abessira's artwork. Collagist, observer, anachronistic collector, photographer, mixed-media artist—Abessira is influenced by and works with almost everything and anything...
Perspective Clocks
Tel Aviv-based Studio Ve is comprised of Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, two young men who like exploring objects and their conception—whether it's a Two Leg Table or a Toast-ER that "revives" sad bread. More recently they've been experimenting with...