Tech Fabrics

Columbia Sportswear Reinvents Raincoat Technology
Most people are familiar with Columbia Sportswear's range of durable, stylish outdoor apparel. Many, however, might not be familiar with the fact that the brand holds more than 220 patents for technologies they've developed in just the last six...
Alpinestars' Wearable Airbag for Motorcyclists
Motorsports outfitter Alpinestars has reached another milestone in its illustrious 50-year history. After giving professional motorcycle racers and track riders the Tech-Air Race electronic airbag suit—which in essence inflates at the very moment...
Improve Circulation with ISAORA's Microlight Down Jacket
The lightweight down jacket is quickly becoming a chilly weather essential. Easily packed, universally layered and appropriate for both casual downtime and as performance activewear, it's no wonder why the versatile piece is becoming ubiquitous...
Apparel Inspired by "1984" from The Affair
As demonstrated by Edward Snowden, Big Brother is not just a imaginary entity and the dystopian future depicted in George Orwell's novel "1984" is drifting closer to non-fiction by the day. This chilling actualization is, in part, what inspired...