Tech Design

Interview: Igor Gligorov of Soulines Turntables
by Emily Millett Describing himself as an "old school perfectionist" with a "mind full of music," Igor Gligorov is all about the art of good vibrations—vibration control to be precise. And, since that is the basis of efficient and advanced turntable...
Nano HiFi
Getting the highest quality audio at home used to mean having stacks of receivers, speakers the size of bookshelves and endless wires cluttering up your space. While some of the latest large-scale home audio packages are nothing short of remarkable...
Dimensions Festival
Imagine driving a Lamborghini, but never breaking 90 miles an hour. Rolling down the road in one of the world's top cars would still be quite an enjoyable experience, but that isn't what the machine was designed to do. The same can be said for state...
Test Drive: 2014 Infiniti Q50
Followers of luxury Japanese carmaker Infiniti will recognize a new name for their favorite cars. The company announced a rebranding of their model names in 2012, and the upcoming 2014 Q50 is the first car to bear the company's new nomenclature...
Cool Hunting Video: SOFTlab for Sonos Studio
SOFTlab, a New York-based design studio, recently took on the challenge of creating a piece to be featured in the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. The only instruction for the project was to build an interactive structure that unifies light and sound...
The Blazar by Beacon Audio
There's no shortage of wireless speakers on the market today. With a range of features available; from the water-resistant and beach-ready to the amazingly compact, we've been sifting through all of the latest technologies. While the aforementioned...
Jonas Lund's Art World API
Still abuzz from his shared online experience art piece "We See In Every Direction," the Swedish-born, Amsterdam-based artist Jonas Lund is launching a new project, called Art World API. Lund's interdisciplinary attack on art combines internet-embedded...
Sometimes there's nothing more calming than hearing the soft sounds of rain against your window. The newest app from the user interface research lab Taptanium, called Thunderspace, takes relaxing nature sounds to the next level with stereoscopic...