Tattoo Artists

Temporary Ink with TATTOOTATTAA
The permanence of a bonafide tattoo isn't for everyone, but when the weather heats up it's hard to deny how fun it can be to express yourself with a little artwork on some bare skin. Tattly's serious rise in popularity over the years speaks to this...
Cool Hunting Video: David Sena
Several years ago, we visited artist David Sena's studio to peep behind the curtain and find out about his unique process. Sena (who has given a few CH staff members tattoos in the past) creates large-scale artworks using an unusual method: the...
Interview: Joseph Ari Aloi aka JK5
by Hugh Hart Joseph Ari Aloi graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1994 armed with dozens of sketchbooks, self-described ADD, a set of tattoo implements and a headful of eye-popping mythologies inspired variously by Star Wars, Sanskrit...
Interview: Marisa Kakoulas and Margot Mifflin on Tattooing in the New Millennium
All things counter culture reach a point of popularity where they cease to exist exclusively in the periphery—some just take longer than others to reach the tipping point. Tattooing, for example, has existed for thousands of years, yet only in the...