Studio Visit: Aakash Nihalani
Passing by one of Brooklyn artist Aakash Nihalani's fluorescent installations, it's hard to not take a second look. Then a third, and likely after that, a few photos. Nihalani uses simple materials like tape, plastics, magnets and wood to create...
Mark Jenkins: Meaning Is Overrated
Blatantly funny, out of place and eerily real at times, artist Mark Jenkins' installations in the public domain are well deserving of the triple takes they get from passerby. In "Meaning Is Overrated," opening at L.A.'s Carmichael Gallery, we...
USB Cassete Archiver
Whether it's old mix tapes made by exes or an obscure Kid Dynamo album bought before everything went digital, us nostalgic types all have a shoe box or two full of old analog cassette tapes. Every now and again I get the urge to dig back into...
Electrical Tape Sign Art
Shinjuku Station? Huge. With 3.3 million people passing through one of Tokyo's busiest stations daily, it's not exactly a place that can be closed for renovation. Starting in 2003, a construction worker by the name Shuetsu Satoh began creating...
Like a cross between Duchamp and Archie McPhee, the French company Atypyk makes witty, conceptual gifts that play on everyday objects. My personal history with the company dates back to 2003 when I visited their Paris studio and Ivan Duval (one-half...
Lace Tape
Call it a transnational tape-off, two designers, one from the East coast and the other from the West, both recently came out with a roll of packing tape printed with lace. San Francisco collective Boiler's design pictured right, features a design...
Screwhead and Dovetail Tape
Shift designers Richard Shed and Sam Johnson created these tape rolls for last year's London Design Festival. They are both a tongue-in-cheek look at modern versus traditional structural solutions. Conceptual explorations aside, they make for...
I'm usually a purist when it comes to things like this, but there's always an exception. A welcomed deviation from simple clear packing tape, this colorful pattern can be yours for $6 at There's also a similarly colorful...
Camo Duct Tape
You already know I appreciate duct tap craft. To add to your pallet of styles to work with, here's some camouflage printed duct tape. Order direct from
Duct Tape Bag
Duct tape wallets are sturdy and fun, but have become a bit common-- you can actually buy them in stores nowadays. This good Goth boy seems to know the magic that can be made with a roll duct tape. His shoulder bag sports strength and utility, but...