Sweet Treats

Mouth-Made High Five Chocolate Bar
Tapping into the familiar notion of a Take5 bar—sporting five salty-sweet layers—Mouth Foods' High Five bar takes all that's deliriously delicious about the original and brings it to the present day. Made in Brooklyn and featuring caramel, pretzels...
Treehouse Chocolate's Four Drinking Chocolates
Winter may be officially over in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn't mean hot chocolate has to disappear from people's radar until temperatures cool again. For some of us, it makes for a viable alternative to coffee in the morning—with some...
Not Your Father's Ginger Ale
With Superbowl Sunday taking place this weekend, you might already be thinking about what snacks and drinks to serve. Between the ice bucket of canned light stuff and six-packs of choice craft beer brewed in North Carolina or Colorado, there's...
Chocolate-Covered Malt Balls
For lovers of malt sweets, there's nothing quite as luxuriant (yet, reasonably priced) in the chocolate world as Askinosie's chocolate-covered malt balls. The Springfield, Missouri-based bean-to-ball brand utilizes hand-ladled, melted single-origin...
J.P. Licks
J.P. Licks has served up exceptionally good ice cream, baked goods and coffee for over 30 years. While offering competently made traditional flavors, the shop is known for its more unorthodox concoctions and sense of creativity (with flavors like Oreo...