Best of CH 2016: Cars + Tech
As each year passes, it's more and more difficult to believe just how many technological innovations and upgrades can occur. Even the least tech-savvy of us engages with incredible inventions on a daily basis—from cars to phones and cameras—so keeping...
Patagonia's First-Ever Beer, the Long Root Ale
Patagonia Provisions, the sustainable food offshoot of Patagonia that boldly addresses environmental issues and wanting to influence the food industry for the better, has been filling customers up with responsibly harvested wild salmon (all the...
Grundig and the Future of Food, Design and Interaction
When it comes to designing and engineering household appliances, one of the most significant issues is energy and water consumption. But the waste of other precious resources (like food) is also the driving force behind Grundig's most recent projects...
A Multifunctional, Blue-Stained Wooden Bike Rack
ICYMI: a pine beetle epidemic has attacked more than 44 million acres of pine trees in British Columbia over the past 15 years—with warmer temperatures aiding the population to grow and spread far beyond its typical reach. Not only do the beetles...
Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: Reporting from the Front
Over 100 tons of perfectly ordered rubble is what greets visitors to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. It's not a provocation, but rather a statement, in perfect harmony with this year's theme: "Reporting from...
San Francisco Fog Water Turned Vodka
Despite a "miracle March," as we all know, California is still in the midst of a severe drought. For San Francisco-based Hangar 1 vodka, this presented an opportunity to think outside of the box—and sustainably. When looking to the sky for answers...
Milan Design Week 2016: Bubble Beehive
Additional reporting by David Graver The global problem of declining bee populations is often looked over but cannot be taken lightly. Fundamental to our planetary ecosystems, and pollinating vegetation the world over, bees are intrinsic to our...
Started From Underwear, Now They're Here: Baserange
The pared-down, simple styles and tactile fabrics of Danish-French label Baserange’s SS16 collection feel quietly revolutionary, elevating everyday-wear into something quite a bit more interesting. The brand—whose name stands for Basic Aesthetic...
Bitten: A Food Conversation
Well before everyone's favorite fast burrito spot hit crisis mode, the changing landscape of food culture snagged headlines on a weekly basis. It has for decades and will continue to do so. Food consumption is a human need and yet, today, through...
CH + Enterprise: From Grub to Gourmet and Farmhand Vacations
When Enterprise asked us to help celebrate drives, passions and people through video we didn't hesitate. Our first film takes us to Big Cricket Farms in Ohio, where they are addressing concerns about feeding the world's increasing population with sustainable...
Timmerhuis, Rotterdam
The Dutch city of Rotterdam is perhaps the perfect place for an architect who wants to explore what can be done in the field of green housing. Rotterdam—which was bombed heavily during the Second World War—has little architectural heritage to protect...
Spiewak Outerwear: Recycled Down Process
NYC-based Spiewak is a brand steeped in history, yet has a vision toward the future. Founded in 1904, the family business began with handmade sheepskin vests which they sold on the docks of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and grew to provide pea coats...
QWSTION's Bags for the Urban Traveler
Founded in 2008 in Zurich, QWSTION was the brainchild of five guys with varied international backgrounds—Swiss, Dutch, Austrian, American and French—which explained why they were traveling so much. "The reason for starting the company was the fact...
Porterlight's Customizable Cargo Bike
Young London-based company Porterlight has re-thought the cargo bike from scratch, and their debut model, the Bringley, is one that will have urban residents swapping out their car keys for bike helmets. Founder Lawrence Brand wanted to design...
Melissa Kushner
“I lost my father three weeks before I was born, so I was hardwired to care about children who have lost one or more parents,” Melissa Kushner explains. Her fate was sealed when shortly after graduating from college she landed a job working with the...
Seven Highlights at World Exposition Milan 2015
This year's theme at World Exposition Milan is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” Each one of the 140+ participating countries is aiming to show their nation's present state of agriculture and advances in technology regarding transformation and...
Fine Dining with Food Scraps at wastED
Local, seasonal ingredients weren't enough for Chef Dan Barber of iconic NYC farm-to-table restaurant Blue Hill. Long invested in the future of food and ethical consumption, Barber has a new experiment called wastED: a pop-up running through 31 March...
Interview: David Chipperfield
Sir David Chipperfield is decidedly one of the most globally recognized personalities in architecture and design. His award-winning work has been recognized many times over for its simplicity and clarity of vision, and recently, he was appointed...
Silo: The UK’s First No-Waste Restaurant
by Ananda Pellerin Chef Douglas McMaster has a vision: he wants to eradicate waste from the commercial food preparation process. This might seem profoundly uninteresting—but it’s nothing short of revolutionary. “It’s what I call a pre-industrial...
Q&Q Solar Watches
Cute, well-made and with no battery change necessary—ever—these solar powered watches perfectly pair function with fashion. A clean, simple design is bolstered by an array of color options that pack plenty of personality. This is a no-maintenance timepiece...
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