Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar
A true vision of the wonders at play in the sushi world, Tanoshi—helmed by Chef Toshio Oguma (who had turns as the executive sushi chef at Morimoto in New York and Napa)—offers vivid, conceptual bites that stand up with the best omakase dishes around...
Tokyo High Low
When my plans to get from Beijing to Tokyo required a last-minute change, American Express Platinum Travel was able to confirm a seat on a new flight just hours before departure, even though they didn’t handle my original booking. And when I checked...
Sushi Socks
Just try and stifle a smile over the sight of socks neatly rolled up like sushi. Made in Tomoyama, Japan, multicolor Sushi Socks (patterns are knitted, not printed) come in "flavors" like octopus, red caviar, tuna, shrimp, egg, and more.
Word of Mouth Denver: Cannabis and Culinary Culture
The hype surrounding the highly regulated legalization of retail marijuana in Colorado has subsided in the last six months, with tax revenue forecasts being taken down a notch and the absence of statewide hysteria confirming what may have motivated...
Word of Mouth: Vancouver
The Great White North isn't all pond hockey and maple syrup—Canada's west coast province of British Columbia holds its own unique identity to the rest of the country and indeed the world. Drawing on influences from home and abroad, the country's largest...
Cool Hunting Video: John Daley of New York Sushi Ko
John Daley—chef and co-owner of the newly opened New York Sushi Ko on the Lower East Side of New York City—spoke with us while prepping for a night's omakase service. Daley, who cut his teeth at some of the most notorious Japanese restaurants in...
Get Jiro!
Anthony Bourdain comments on modern foodie culture with an entertaining graphic novel centered around a renegade sushi chef, Jiro, who is caught between two opposing gastronomic parties.
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Born with Three MouthsA performance art piece by Alva Bernadine features Hellen (aka Traumata) and her split tongue. Overlaying her eyes with additional mouths in Adobe After Effects, the artist creates a three-mouthed persona whose respective...