Zero Gravity Storage Racks
For anyone living in cramped quarters or with too much stuff (notably seasonal gear), Zero Gravity Racks offer a solution. First, it maximizes ceiling space by resting high up on the wall and laying parallel to the surface. Second, it pulls itself...
Flowers 1 Surfboard
Boom-art brings late-17th and mid-18th century Dutch painter Jan van Huysum’s artwork to life with this floral surfboard, individually numbered and hand-crafted in France. Made of polyurethane foam covered in polyester resin, the surfboard is complete...
Satta Presents Spiritual Materialism
Drawing on a combination of illustration, painting and woodworking skills, Joe Lauder has swiftly put Satta—his line of retro-inspired, handmade cruiser skateboards and accompanying apparel—on the global skate and surf radar. His collaborative work...
DIY Boards at Biarritz's Blank Surf Shack
by Jorge Grimberg Known by many surfers as the "French California," Biarritz is just a 20 minute drive from Spain along France's Basque coast. The city boasts truly world-class surfing, is home to the European headquarters of major surf labels including...
Daylight Deluxe Noserider Surfboard Bag
For a beautifully crafted surfboard, you'll want to keep it in pristine shape while in transit. After putting Dakine's Noserider Deluxe bag through a disproportionate amount of use (NYC subways in rush hour and a 5-storey walk-up apartment), it's a...
Retro Longboard from Modern Surfboards
Surfing is an aesthetically focused pursuit. Whether it's the fluidity of a bottom-turn, the seemingly effortless arc of a well-executed cutback or simply the length of one's boardshorts, surfers have always been a style-centric bunch. After all...
Interview: Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes Surfboards
At just 32 years old, Sydney-born Hayden Cox has exceeded in making his mark on the surf industry. With Haydenshapes—his line of performance boards—the self-taught computer programmer, web designer and shaper embodies the spirit of modern surfing...
Patagonia Bowery
Purveyor of some of the finest outdoor gear on the market, Ventura-based Patagonia has grown from a couple of climbers banging hammers in a shed to a worldwide leader in the apparel industry. While paying homage to its roots with a recent heritage...
theFINproject by Timothy Hogan
Sometimes the most integral aspects of a craft receive the least attention. This rings especially true in surfboard design where the fin is often overlooked. But theFINproject, a new photo series and upcoming documentary by still-life and renowned...
The Death of Cool
Wary that his newest project would be consumed for being buzz-worthy rather than genuinely good, French-born photographer and founder and editor-in-chief of Desillusion Magazine, Sebastin Zanella found a name for his multi-facet consultancy, The...
Interview: Jeff McCallum
San Diego-based surfboard shaper Jeff McCallum creates functional works of art. With humble beginnings sweeping and boxing boards for other shapers, he has worked his way up to top of his craft. Blending retro-inspired shapes with modern color palettes...