Thoughtful New Insights from Jeff and Mark Bezos
For their first Sessions video release, the team behind Summit have shared a conversation from their most recent Los Angeles ideas festival, hosted back on 4 November. For it, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his TED talk-delivering brother Mark Bezos...
Summit Moves From the High Seas to Downtown LA
Last year we boarded Summit at Sea on 9 November in a daze. Nobody slept (or slept well) the night before; we all were embarking on this ship-board creative conference under the new reality of president-elect Trump without any clear sense of what our...
Interview: Snowshoe Artist Simon Beck
With snow-covered terrain as the canvas, artist Simon Beck snowshoes mind-boggling geometric art into the surface. Beck is a master of ephemeral murals, and his process is one of calculation and patience with each step as a stroke in the bigger picture...
Summit Series Sails One More Voyage
This November, the third and final Summit at Sea conference will depart from the Port of Miami, offering a global group of thought leaders a holistic experience unlike any other. One of the flagship events within the Summit Series, the ocean-bound...
Announcing WORLDZ: a Cultural Marketing Summit and Community
We’ve been fortunate to be part of the PTTOW! community for several years. The acronym stands for Planning To Take On the World, and its 230 or so members represent leaders—only one per company—across industries and genres. Execs of some of the...
Future of StoryTelling 2015 Summit
There is a reawakening in storytelling and Charlie Melcher has been observing it for years. Melcher, founder of the Future of StoryTelling (FoST) summit and content platform, gathers some of the greatest minds in media, technology and communication...