Thom Browne + Woolmark Suits
Thom Browne wants people who wear his suits to feel one thing in particular: confident. The NYC-based designer has managed to make suits that incorporate business elegance and a hint of playfulness since founding his eponymous company back in 2003...
J. Mueser's Custom Suits
If you blink you might just miss the J. Mueser storefront in NYC's West Village. Stepping inside, however, reveals not only the depths of the location and the plentitude of fabrics and ready to wear clothing, but also the imagination of founder Jake...
Pal Zileri and The Future of Tailoring
What is the difference between tailored and factory menswear? Often we consider these two categories as distant or even conflicting. However, there are many who actually know how to combine these both, companies that use industrial processes to...
Beau Custom Clothing
Why buy clothes off the rack when you can have them custom made for the same price? And why pay what most others are for custom when you can get it at an even lower price? Beau, based out of a retail space on the ground floor of NYC's SoHo Grand...
Manufacturing Renaissance Pop-Up Book
Once upon a time, there was young tailor who decided to move from Naples to Soragna, a small town in the north of Italy. Thanks to his skill and passion, the tailor's little workshop grew and eventually became a factory capable of making beautiful...
Movement-Minded Suiting by Huez*
For all the sartorial advancements in bike commuting apparel, producing a suit that can truly crossover from the bike lane to the boardroom has eluded most designers. Where a taped-seam, zippered pocket or smattering of visible reflectivity (however...
NASA Astronaut Flight Suit
For those of us who haven't yet abandoned our dreams of one day hurtling toward the stars, Alpha Industries' replica NASA astronaut suit is a step closer to the heavens. Whether you're looking for a party costume or just want to jazz things up on a...
Samuelsohn Performance Weatherproof Suits
Any suit-wearing individual caught in an unexpected storm or using a not-so-effective umbrella understands the discomfort of wet dress attire. Wool absorbs moisture and makes it more manageable, but wet wool also certainly carries a scent when saturated...
Custom Suiting from REISS
You don't necessarily need to have a background in fashion to successfully design your own suit. With a little bit of curiosity, creativity and a desire to wear something above and beyond the ordinary—and with the help of UK fashion brand REISS...
The Commuter Suit by Parker Dusseau
Biking to work no longer means looking like a triathlete in training. From casual and functional collections like Levi's Commuter Series and Giro's New Road to cyclist specific bags of all styles, cycling apparel has improved drastically in recent...
Indochino Traveling Tailor
The confidence a well-fitted suit can provide in any business or social setting is arguably worth every penny invested in this wardrobe staple. Indochino's modestly priced custom suits have been a terrific option for men over the years, and recently...
Interview: Max Schmidt
A quality, individually tailored suit is perhaps one of the few things to have escaped the tsunami of online shopping. Although, according to Max Schmidt and Tom Daguanno, the Detroit-based duo behind 1701 Bespoke, men will soon be able to experience...
J. Hilburn Suiting
As those of us in the northern hemisphere offload shorts and T-shirts into storage, it's time to start looking for tailored jackets to brace the changing weather. J. Hilburn—a leader in made-to-measure menswear—has introduced a slew...
White Chalk
Creative director Aaron Black offers the urban gent a truly bespoke, handmade tailoring experience that nods to the ideals of Savile Row with his new boutique in New York's SoHo neighborhood. His brand White Chalk (the name a tribute to one of...
J. Hilburn
Having navigated the uncertain world of online made-to-measure services, we were delighted to receive the fruits of our recent test run with J. Hilburn. The men's clothier was one of the pioneers of online MTM, and their experience shows both in...