Subscription Services

Cadillac Introduces BOOK, a luxury car subscription service
By Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten For three months this past Fall we had the opportunity to participate in a pilot program exploring a new business concept and consumer experience for luxury car sharing. Today, BOOK by Cadillac goes live in the NYC...
Record of the Month Club
For anyone with a burgeoning vinyl collection, it can be hard to know what the next step should be when filling in the gaps. With Vinyl Me, Please, a team of music lovers makes that decision for you—with special editions of contemporary classic's like...
Mash & Grape's MashBox Spirits Subscription
Over the last two years, we've grown fond of NYC spirits retailer Mash & Grape for two reasons: first, their surprising and thorough stock and, second, their ability to ship across 35 states—a rarity in the world of alcohol. After eight months...
Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co: Shipment Nine
We created this edition of Cool Hunting's Quarterly with Africa on our minds. Inspired by the sun's potential to power our world in ways both big and small, we partnered with two innovative brands implementing solar power in inventive, intimate ways...
Maximize Summer Fun with Birchbox Man
Advertorial content: This month, Birchbox introduces their newest men's Summer Shop comprised of four seasonal categories—and CH got hands-on with the selection process. After all, summer is all about adventure, and adventures are best when you...
Svbscription + The Green Soccer Journal
To celebrate the return of the World Cup, men's luxury lifestyle subscription service Svbscription recently teamed up with The Green Soccer Journal, the London-based publication exploring style and the world of football. As with all Svbscription...