Street Food

Mercato Centrale, Florence
by Ananda Pellerin When visitors walk through the sliding doors into Florence's Mercato Centrale they are immediately hit by the earthy smell of truffles. The intoxicating scent is emanating from the Savini Tartufi counter, where they have (among...
Word of Mouth: Tokyo Street Food + Drink
by Jennifer Miller Unlike Southeast Asian countries, Japan isn’t known for its street food. Munching on the sidewalk is generally considered impolite—a fact that is tacitly reinforced by the lack of public trash cans. (Somehow, Japanese cities manage...
1235 Donuts
by Adam Coghlan There’s a new donut-slinging duo in London. Brad and Molly McDonald have given the already hip and quaint tourist destination, East London's Columbia Road, a new edible attraction. On Sunday mornings, from their lemon-yellow front...
Chai Pani
Using fresh produce sourced daily from local area farmers, Chai Pani does an excellent job of creating genuine Indian street food in a buzzing Atlanta atmosphere. Since opening in Asheville in 2009 to a line of customers that didn’t stop until the...
Word Of Mouth: London Street Food
While NYC has been loudly blazing the trail for a Twitter-hyped food truck revolution for some time, across the pond London is gradually creating its own community of street food vendors through a more stealth blend of social media, word of mouth and...