Street Art

Richard Hambleton Limited Edition Canvas Jackets
Richard Hambleton may not be a household name in the way his two closest contemporaries—Basquiat and Haring—have become. But his work and life story are no less compelling. As the sole survivor of this illustrious group, Hambleton has frequently...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Banksy's True Identity Using a technique called “geographic profiling”—which is mostly used to catch serial criminals—scientists at Queen Mary University of London claim to have discovered the true identity of the infamous street artist Banksy...
Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday Utopias of the Street
It’s been 500 years since Thomas More wrote his seminal text Utopia, and at London culture center Somerset House, the anniversary is being celebrated by bringing together a selection of interesting artists, provocateurs, designers and thinkers...
JR's "Can Art Change the World?"
French street artist and activist JR posed a loaded question on stage in 2011, when he was awarded the $100,000 TED Prize: can art change the world? A book of the same name, published by Phaidon and made in close collaboration with JR, gives one of...
Hurley + Cryptik Phantom Boardshort
For years now, graffiti and street artist Cryptik has placed his philosophically-driven, ornate works within public spaces around California. Further, he has sought to spearhead a greater movement with his pieces, encouraging viewers to gaze further...
SideStory City Tours, London
It’s a freezing Monday morning in London and commuters hurry past, heading to the warmth of the Bethnal Green tube station, as Karim Samuels introduces the history of graffiti and the artistic legacy of East London by pointing out stickers covered...
Le Sonneur's Love Letters
"I am at your door, almost in your home. I play with these limits and I begin a gentle intrusion," Le Sonneur tells us. Rather than the beginning of a psychological thriller, these words seem to be proof that street art can be poetic. The anonymous...
Public Art in Tulum
Over the past few years, Tulum has become the go-to destination for a relaxing but unique beach vacation. While the sleepy town is just two hours south of the high-rise and fast-food-laden strip of beach known as Cancun, it's a world away. As the cozy...
"And Tomorrow" Exhibition at City Bird Gallery
The meeting of illustrator Ian Bertram and stencil artist Mor is nothing if not cosmic. First encountering each other as members of Con Artist collective, the two artists have become entangled in each other's techniques, despite their wholly different...
Interview: 2015 TED Fellow eL Seed
Born and raised in Paris to Tunisian parents, graffiti artist eL Seed has left his mark all over the world (from the Jara Mosque to canyons to Louis Vuitton scarves), by spray-painting universal messages that funnily enough, the majority of viewers...
Babushka International Art Exhibition, Tel Aviv
by Ross Belfer Russian dolls, otherwise referred to as Matryoshka dolls, or “Babushkas,” are most commonly known as dust-gathering, nondescript ornamental items resting upon your grandmother’s mantel place. But thanks to the forward-thinking artistic...
Kartel, a New Street Art and Music Space in Haifa
by Ross Belfer Haifa (Israel’s third largest city) is best known for its historical German Colony, UNESCO-nodded Baha’i Gardens and perhaps the country’s most savory hummus found in the multi-cultural Wadi Nisnas neighborhood. But with these changing...
2014 OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome
At the recent private preview of the OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome, we were approached by two men in their 60s while we stood outside of the massive gates of an abandoned house in San Lorenzo. While uninvited, they were welcomed by curator Francesco...
Studio Visit: Aakash Nihalani
Passing by one of Brooklyn artist Aakash Nihalani's fluorescent installations, it's hard to not take a second look. Then a third, and likely after that, a few photos. Nihalani uses simple materials like tape, plastics, magnets and wood to create...
Robert Vargas Paints the Faces of Downtown LA
Large almond-shaped eyes peek out from the corner of 9th and Flower in downtown Los Angeles. The big, black and white painting—dotted with a glamorous beaded headpiece—watches over the busy intersection near FIDM. The painter Robert Vargas created...
Women Are Heroes
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