Interview: Ankur Jain, Founder of Kairos Society + VP of Product at Tinder
From the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation to the World Economic Forum's select group of Young Global Leaders, Ankur Jain has proven to be more than a serial entrepreneur with an understanding of tech needs. In 2014, we spoke with Jain to...
Interview: Samantha Miller, Chief Science Officer at hmbldt
Launched last year, Anomaly, is crisp, tasteful and accessible. It includes specific information not only about the THC and CBD profiles but also the accessory cannabinoids that make up the formulation. Currently there are four I get the sense...
Campaign's Portable Furniture
City residents know that the greatest mental toll of moving isn't always packing up your life into cardboard boxes; it's leaving perfectly good furniture behind—either because it's a hassle or too costly to transport, or it won't survive another...
Seventy-Five Years Later, Ketums is Reborn
In 1925 Joseph Smutek set up shop on a leafy street on the western outskirts of Paris. His business was raincoats and Smutek quickly become known in the area for the quality and utility of his garments. As his sons took over the family business in...
Discover New Designers at Tictail's Holiday Pop-Up
For most well-meaning shoppers, finding the right gift is a challenge—let alone chancing upon something that's truly unique. Sourcing products from independent designers and brands around the world, Stockholm-based web commerce platform Tictail opened...
The Monocle Guide to Good Business
The world is rife—even overrun—with business books. Whether it's sage management advice or dubious tips on working two hours a week from a hammock, the business section of most bookstores is full of all flavors for would-be entrepreneurs and those...
Kick the Habit with Quitbit
In an age when even cigarettes are electronic, nicotine gum, patches and hypnosis are pretty outdated ways to approach the challenging—for some, impossible—act of quitting smoking. The Quitbit is a new device in the form of a lighter that aims to...
Rude Baguette's Paris Founders Event
Rude Baguette—which began as a blog and a daily newspaper—is a French startup supporter that's growing as fast as the needs of the creative community. The blog combines breaking news with analysis and opinion to cover startups, foreign companies...