South America

Word of Mouth: Buenos Aires
An undeniable magnificence envelops Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beyond the amiable weather, there's an energy buzzing through the South American city and its residents. Modern, cosmopolitan neighborhoods yield to historic pockets—announcing the many periods...
Handcrafted Jaguar-undi Bags
At this year's Pitch Night, we got hands-on with the bags of Jaguar-undi—a family-run start-up that sources traditional textiles from various regions across the Americas (Latin and South) and stitches them together into unique handcrafted bags. Their...
Cacao Fruit-Based Solbeso
Whiskey hails from grain, agave provides the source for tequila and vodka can be derived from wheat or potatoes. But with Solbeso, an entirely new and (as yet) unnamed category of distilled spirits has emerged. Carefully selected, fresh cacao fruit...
Etan & Me
Amsterdam-based photographer Viviane Sassen continues to traverse the creative worlds of fashion, documentary and contemporary art. And while she may be best known for her groundbreaking fashion photography, Sassen's early childhood in western Kenya...
In his latest book, "Serpentine," Los Angeles-based photographer Mark Laita traveled around the US and South America to capture the colors, textures and sinuous forms of a variety of snakes—focusing on the graceful contortions of the species.
Let's Talk Coffee
During the Let's Talk Coffee (LTC) conference, coffee farmers, importers, exporters, financiers, cafe owners, baristas, and the Sustainable Harvest staff gathered in the Rionegro region of Antioquia, Columbia to do just that. People from twenty-eight...
Word of Mouth: Medellín
When mathematics professor Sergio Fajardo made a commitment to effect change in Antioquia, Colombia, he ran for office, became the mayor of Medellín and, eventually, the governor of Antioquia. In the 13 years since he took office, signs of transformation...
Coffee Lab
While the U.S. is going through an artisanal coffee movement, Brazil—already the world's largest producer of coffee—is seeing a revolution of its own, with shops like Sao Paulo's new Coffee Lab at its center. Working with one roasting...
Intelligentsia's Geoff Watts
As the vice president of coffee for Intelligentsia and a green coffee buyer, Geoff Watts travels the world searching for the best beans, working to build relationships with the farmers that have helped make Intelligentsia a leader in the specialty...
Warmi Knits
Now in its second season, Warmi continues to blend contemporary style with indigenous craftsmanship. A Franco-Colombian artisinal fashion label, each collection is designed by the brand's Colombian-born, Paris-based founder, Sylvia Toth, then...
TerrAmazon Snacks
In the infinite quest to find the most obscure curative health food, TerrAmazon makes a convincing case. With goji berries fast becoming a household name, the creators of TerrAmazon had to explore remote corners of the Amazon rainforest for their...