Sony Ericsson

Cool Hunting on the Sony Ericsson Xperia
You might have noticed the who is johnny X ads here on CH promoting the European launch of the Sony Ericsson Xperia. In addition to a brilliant screen, handy form-factor and sleek design the Xperia offers users a variety of downloadable home screens...
Sony Ericsson W950
Today in Barcelona at the 3GSM conference Sony Ericsson Announced their newest Walkman phone, the W950. The latest hybrid device features a side jog dial and touch screen which should make navigation pretty simple—which is necessary considering...
Sony Ericsson S710a
Sony Ericsson announced the S710a which is a North American version of the hot little swivel phone, the S700. It will be available by the end of this year, but probably not supported by any wireless carriers until early next year. But if you're...
Sony Ericsson S700
Sony Ericsson announced 3 new phones today. The most exciting, the S700 (above), has a beautiful color screen and a nice high resolution camera. The S700 has a swivel design similar to the Motorola v70 and v80. In the continuing the trend of form...
Sony Ericsson T630
I have been using my new T630 for a couple weeks now and am very impressed. The screen quality is amazing and the new buttons are much more usable than the T610. I only wish the camera was better quality. full review at mobileburn
Sony Ericsson P900
Today Sony Ericsson officially announced the P900. Unofficially, everyone has known about it for months. Mobile Burn has a good review and comparison to the P800 predecessor.
Bluetooth Car
Sony Ericsson has released a new toy! A Bluetooth controlled car. Oh what fun...