A unique interactive online adventure, Journey for PS3 is by far one of the best games of 2012. It's also the first video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy. You will be immersed in gorgeous Miyazaki-esque environments and share an experience...
The Raven
Created for the serious gamer, the Raven is a new wireless controller designed for the Playstation 3 but modeled after the more user-friendly X-box controller. We recently had the chance to road-test the Raven, finding the updated design really does...
Sony Recycle Project Jeans
To communicate their "farm fresh" approach Sony recently recycled cast-off advertising banners into a collection of jeans. Called the "Recycle Project Jeans," the concept used ads which were displayed on the side of their building, in turn hanging...
Sony Cybershot G3
Leave it to Sony to steal the show at this year's rather slow CES by being the first to create a digital camera with Wi-Fi and built-in browser, enabling users to upload photos and videos from the camera directly to sites like Picassa and YouTube...
Sony Data Tiles
Developed by Jun Rekimoto in the Interaction Laboratory of Sony's Computer Science Laboratory, these Sony Data Tiles use tagged, transparent tiles to present dynamic information when placed on a flat panel equipped with sensors. The system makes...
Sony DSC M2
Our friends over at Compact Impact just alerted us to the fact that they are getting some of these incredible little Sony twisty 5 Megapixel still and video cameras in time for the holidays. So, of course, we added it to the Gift Guide (in addition...
CH Readers: Vote for Sony's PSP U.K. Launch Print Campaign
Designers Neil McFarland and Jon Burgerman were asked to create art inspired by the game Wipeout Pure to be used in the print ads for the U.K. launch of Sony's PSP. CH readers get to pick which one will actually get used. Check them out and...
Nyko PSP Charger Case & Theater Experience
Nyko has come out with two accessories for the PSP. First is the Charger Case (left), in which your lovely PSP fits snugly into a neoprene lining. Both items use a lithium-ion battery. The battery works by having the PSP battery charge first. When...
Sony Ericsson K750i
On Friday I managed to procure a Sony Ericsson K750i and after spending the weekend with it I'm very impressed. In basically the same form factor as the T610, they've jammed in a 2 Megapixel camera, MP3 player, games and all the organizational...
Keep Your Eyes on the Road
Sony's latest in-car GPS unit, the NVXYZ777, displays a 3D rendering of the streets and buildings of Tokyo. This high resolution touch screen device also has 30GB of storage and is capable of playing back audio and video files potentially making...
PS Pictogram Series X Porter Bags
PSP Launch Party in NYC
It's rumored that Thursday's US drop of the Sony Play Stations Portable will be over 1 million units. For those of you in NYC who want to celebrate and even better, get a PSP hours before the rest, there's a launch event at the Sony Style...
Mobile Payments
As the quest to consolidate wallet contents in to the mobile phone continues, we still look to Japan as the technological innovator. Next month trials will begin to test the use of mobile phones for subway fare payment. No worries about dialing up...
Sony Ericsson Ring Phone
Ring Phone, by 24-year old designer Tao Mais, is the winner of a recent design competition sponsored by Sony Ericsson. The competition was open to participants from universities and colleges in China-- the world's fastest growing mobile phone market...
Sony Eggo
This Winter why not use headphones as ear muffs? The Sony MDR-D66SL (better known as Eggo) headphones are not only super comfy and great sounding, they're the perfect solution for cold weather listening. The egg shaped housings are plain and simple...
Sony DSC-T3
Sony, today, announced a few new digital cameras, including this, the DSC-T3. The T3 is an update to the T1 -- my favorite pocket camera ever. The T3 has an even better LCD screen and comes in a slightly more compact package. As they did with the...
Sony HMP-A1 Personal Video Player
Sony's brand new HMP-A1 Personal Video Player is pretty slick, for a personal video player. I'm not yet convinced people are going watch TV and movies on a 3.5 inch screen. Remember the Watchman? Exactly. What makes more sense is having a...
Sony DSC-T1 vs. DSC-T11
I4U has a side by side comparison of Sony's 2 newest slim digital cameras, the DSC-T1 and the DSC-T11. The features, functions and interface are the same. The only difference is the case. The T11 is pearly white and thinner than the silver T1...
Sony LocationFree
Comprised of a 12.1-inch wireless touch screen LCD monitor and a base station, Sony's LocationFree personal TV system allows users to experience television, video, Internet browsing/streaming video, e-mail, and digital photos--- all while mobile...
Sony DSC-T1
The Sony DSC-T1 is the smallest 5 Megapixel camera in the world. It also has a 3x optical zoom, but the mechanics are on the inside of the camera. The display on the back is huge and the color quality is pretty great. Best of all, the software is...
Vintage Electronics
The Pocket Calculator Show is a site dedicated to vintage electornics. In this case, items from the 70's and 80's are already vintage. The photo above proves that Sony has understood the concept of mobility for quite awhile now. It's the Music...