Social Justice

Create Shareable Campaigns with LobbyForMe
The most suffocating sensations within all political systems are feeling voiceless, quieted or unheard. Tech companies like Countable are doing an excellent job at keeping everyone updated on how our politicians are voting, in a transparent and...
Tribeca Film Festival 2017: Highlights
In its 16th year, NYC's Tribeca Film Festival now comprises thousands of screenings, multiple venues, cross-disciplinary works and so much more to be excited about—whether or not cinema is your primary passion. What began as an attempt to revitalize...
Nelson Saiers' "Shortening: Making Irrational Rational" at Alcatraz
Every detail of NYC-based artist Nelson Saiers' current exhibition inside San Francisco's Alcatraz (the famous prison turned National Park) carries depths of meaning. Why would an artist string up football jerseys in the numerical order of Pi inside...
CH25: Corinne Joachim Sanon
Even in a town filled with bright structures, Les Chocolateries Askanya stands out. Haitian-American businesswoman Corinne Joachim Sanon converted her grandfather’s summer home in Ouanaminthe, Haiti into a chocolate factory and had it painted like...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Gloria Steinem on Black Women and Feminism Feminist, journalist and activist Gloria Steinem told Black Enterprise that she thinks black women invented the feminist movement. The Medal of Freedom award winner further discusses the role black women...
EcoStation:NY's Farm-In-The-Sky, Bushwick
Between the blocks of stunning graffiti in Bushwick lies a newly renovated building that will soon become a community center named Mayday. Located steps from the Jefferson stop on the subway's L line, the space at 214 Starr Street will host a bar...
Transformative Travel with Epic Road
"Travel has the ability to change perceptions, elevate awareness, evoke true empathy and galvanize leaders," according to Epic Road. Their inspirational and tailor-made trips provide access to the remote, the ancient and the rare. In what they refer...