Social Awareness

Ultra-Soft T-Shirts by Schooner
One of the eternal wardrobe classics (the hunt for which has almost become a cliché) is the perfect white T-shirt. In East London, one in particular from a new company looks set to become a serious contender for the title. Schooner—which launched...
Photographer Daniel Kukla's Arctic Expedition
In October 2014, a sailing vessel will make its way in and around the archipelago of Svalbard, situated in the vast Arctic Ocean not far from the North Pole. The ship will be populated by scientists and researchers, thanks to The Arctic Circle Residency...
YEVU Clothing, Ethically Made in Ghana
When Anna Robertson was volunteering in Ghana's Accra, she heard the word "yevu" a lot—and now, the local Ewe term for "white woman" is the name of her brand. Founded in 2013, YEVU was born of Robertson's fascination with the traditional wax print...
Etkie Jewelry: Investing in Women
by Madison Kahn Buying a piece of jewelry is rarely a philanthropic endeavor, but Etkie is changing that. The new social enterprise partners with Native American women artisans in New Mexico to sell beautiful beaded bracelets at fair prices. In...
Gambles: You Won't Remind It
Since their inception—and later rampant explosion as both an artistic endeavor and a promotional tool—music videos have become an important medium for channeling new messages and additional layers to the tracks they accompany. With "You Won't Remind...